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    Steps against shortening of lunch hour?

    I am a Senior Officer in a MNC. Recently a notice has come from the higher authority that the lunch timing will be shortened because of the excess work pressure and to provide sufficient time to employees to complete their tasks. As a consequence all the employees are disturbed with this. What steps should we take against this decision?

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    Re: Steps against shortening of lunch hour?

    Remaining healthy is the primary objective of life.Shortening of lunch hour will indeed be setback to the time for resting.The higher authority must have thought of some good reasons before shortening of your lunch hour.So it requires a peaceful discussion rather than direct revolt against the decision of the higher authority.Being a Senior Officer,you should take an initiative to solve this problem of the employees
    -Hold a meeting among the employees concerning this issue.
    -Discuss all the problems of the employees.
    -Chalk out all the negative aspects of such a decision.
    -Submit a petition with the negative aspects and the request of fulfilling the demand of the employees to the higher authority,requesting them to hold a meeting regarding this issue with the union.
    -Go for the meeting and express the negative aspects of the decision on the employees.
    -Try to make the higher authority understand the adverse effects of such decision on the goodwill as well as smooth functioning of the company.
    -Explain the outcome of such decision on the work culture and the success of the company in the long run.
    -Request them to rethink on their decision and take a decision as per the interest of the employees.

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    Re: Steps against shortening of lunch hour?

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should definitely take the necessary steps to voice against this decision of your higher authorities. Your employees are certainly right when they are showing their dissatisfaction against this decision. Shortening of the lunch time to deal with excess of work pressure is certainly wrong as this will create even more pressure on the employees as they will not have enough time relax themselves. In this way they will not be able to do their work with full concentration as they would be tired and won't have enough energy to do so. So of course your employees would be disturbed.

    As a Senior officer you should put all these points forward in front of the mnagement and help your employees get out of this situation. You should tell them that all the employees are showing dissatisfaction against this decision of reduction in the lunch timings as they want some time to re-energize and refresh themselves after hectic schedule of the morning hours. Otherwise they will not be able to work properly during the hours after lunch. So you want them to reconsider their decision again and thus make it in the favour of the employees.

    I hope the senior authorities will definitely consider this matter from the employees's point of view and thus there will be no reduction in the lunch hours. Then all the employees would be happy.

    All the best and Thanks

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    Re: Steps against shortening of lunch hour?

    Well dear lunch time is also very important for a person as any person will not be able to do work without lunch.so it is necessary that sufficient time should be given for that.so you should talk to the employees for that and then see the reason why it is shortened and then try to solve this issue with the higher authority.thank you

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    Re: Steps against shortening of lunch hour?

    Dear friend,
    If this problem is for just few days don't do anything. but if it is permanent then you have held meeting who is suffered like you then write a letter regarding increase lunch time and take everyone sign on that paper and just give it to your boss or HOD. if possible then do face to face meeting with your boss and solve it.

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    Re: Steps against shortening of lunch hour?

    Still left healthy and balanced could be the major objective of life.Shortening of lunch time hour may in truth end up being drawback to your time frame with regard to resting.The increased guru have to have talked about some explanations previous to decreasing of the lunch time hour.So it needs some sort of relaxing debate instead of immediate revolt versus choosing one on the increased authority.Being some sort of Senior citizen Representative,you should take a motivation to unravel this challenge on the workforce
    Have a meeting between your staff concerning this issue.
    Go over most the problems on the employees.
    Chalk away each of the damaging facets of such some sort of decision.
    Upload some sort of case while using damaging facets as well as the ask for of gratifying a need for your staff to your increased guru,asking for these to carry a meeting concerning the following problem with a union.
    Move with the interacting with plus communicate a damaging facets of choosing one on the employees.
    Aim to create the increased guru understand the undesirable effects of such choice on the a positive manner and also easy performance on the company.
    Demonstrate a outcome of such choice on the function traditions plus the success of the organization in the long run.
    Demand these to change for their choice plus please take a choice per the interest rate on the employees.
    There's no doubt that you should definitely take the steps needed for you to speech out of this choice of the increased authorities. The workers are extremely suitable when demonstrating his or her dissatisfaction out of this decision. Shorter form on the lunch break to cope with excess of function tension is perhaps improper because can establish more tension on the workforce when they do not have plenty of time loosen up themselves. By doing this many people will be unable for you to do their work with full content level since they could well be tired and won't have adequate vitality to try and do so. And so naturally your employees could well be disturbed.

    Being a Senior citizen officer you should invest most of these items ahead before the mnagement plus support your employees get from this situation. It is best to inform them that every your staff are generally demonstrating dissatisfaction out of this choice of decline in a lunch time timings since they desire a serious amounts of re-energize plus refresh them selves just after hectic routine on the day hours. In any other case many people will be unable for you to work properly over the several hours just after lunch. And so you want them for you to re-think his or her choice just as before and thus allow it to be inside favour on the employees.

    Hopefully a elderly specialists certainly will think about this make a difference with the employees's viewpoint and thus gone will be the decline in a lunch time hours. Then each of the workforce could well be happy.

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