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    Steps against sexual harassment in office?

    I work in a multi national company. From past few months,my seniors have been harassing me through work pressure as well as sexually mislisting me. I am from a poor family and I cannot leave the job. What should I do now? What step can I take against this situation? Please help.

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    Vinod Singh Bisht Array
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    Re: Steps against sexual harassment in office?

    Dear Friend,
    Your are working in a MNC . Don't hesitate to discuss it with others, go to HR person and tell them everything. Also make a hardcopy of your complain. If they do nothing then approach to higher authority of your company (MD or President). Don't affraid of loosing job. Be smart and don't loose hope. All the best.

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    Re: Steps against sexual harassment in office?

    Hi buddy

    You should definitely raise your voice against your seniors who are harassing you in such a way by harassing you with work pressure as well as sexually harassing you. You should not let them take undue advantage of you in this manner and make them understand that you are not going to be treated by them in this manner. So you should take an action aginst them as soon as possible . So you should go to your manager soon and discuss this matter with them at length.

    Tell him that you are here to discuss an important matter with him. From the past few months, your seniors have been harassing you through work pressure as well as sexually harassing you . You are here to inform him about this as you want him to take strict action against them so that they don't indulge in this kind of thing anymore and don't mistreat you in the future. they should be taught such a lesson so that they don't do such kind of a thing in future with anyone.You are from a poor family and thus don't want them to leave this job. so you hope that they will be taught a lesson so that your condition improves here and are not forced to leave.

    I am sure your manager will sympathise with you and will definitely help you out in this matter

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    Re: Steps against sexual harassment in office?

    hello friend,
    don't worry..
    >>you have to just discuss it with others..
    >>if nothing action will taken.. then you should discuss it with the HR manager..you just make a complaint about the misbehaviour and submit it to the HR..
    >>You can also complaint for this to the higher authority, if the steps are not taken against this..
    >>if all of this goes into vain, then you should leave that company and don't worry you can easily get other job..


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    Re: Steps against sexual harassment in office?

    It is being very sad that women are still not safe and secure in this society after a long duration publicity of women empowerment. It is the role of a women to make herself safe in the atmosphere. You can do as I suggest.
    1. Do not hide the matter. Just talk loudly to the harasser that his act is simply offensive to you. And do not dare to do it again.
    2. Just discuss the matter with your colleagues and make a written complain to the HR person after discussing with him/her only..
    3. Talk to everybody you trust about the harassment.It will not only give you strength but all other to fight against similar conditions in future.
    4. If no action is being taken then simply call to the nearest police station or commission for women nearby. search in net.
    5. Be brave and confident. Do not forget to tell this to your near and dear ones but be careful while disclosing.

    Bye take care.

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