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    Steps against misusing of power by deputy principal

    I am a Senior teacher in a private school. Recently our principal is on leave. So the vice principal is acting principal of our school. He is taking undue advantage of his position and is misusing the power. He is implementing various decision against the interest of the teachers. How to raise voice against this?

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    Re: Steps against misusing of power by deputy principal

    Sir i would like to say that the teachers has the power to do everything in the school and you are a senior teacher in your school so that you should not afraid of them and must take an action against him because no one can use the power in negative way in any company/industry/organization and it is really against the rules of the government and if you all teachers are getting problems from him then you all should be get together and go to that vice principal and ask him for his behavior that why he is doing so with all of you and if you would be continue on your way then it would not be good for your school and because of your behavior and misusing of your power, your school may loose the reputation whatever in the market and in the area so please do just like the principal do and do not try to use your power against our interests and you should wait till the principal comes and when they comes then you should tell them everything about the complete incident and i am sure that they would definitely take the good solution of this problem and they would take a legal action against him

    All the best

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    Re: Steps against misusing of power by deputy principal

    Hi aspirant

    You along with the other teachers should definitely raise your voice against the practices of the vice-principal if these are not in your interest. He should definitely know that the teachers are the backbone of the school and before taking such decisions he should definitely consult them or atleast take their opinion on these. He should not misuse his power in this way while the Prinicipal is away. So you as a senior teacher should definitely not withstand such injustice and spread awareness among other teachers as well.

    You along with some other senior teachers go to his office and tell him that you all here to request him to stop implementing decisions which are against the interest of the teachers. All the teachers are against this and are very dissatisfied with him misusing his power in this manner. He should stop such practices immediately otherwise you all will be forced to complaint to the Principal regarding his behaviour.

    I am sure your vice principal will get afraid now and will stop misusing his power from now on. Your problem will be solved. Be brave and fight courageously. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Steps against misusing of power by deputy principal


    The situation has to be viewed from not only your standpoint but also what other teachers has to say about it.If the complain is collective that is many of the other teachers are also taking the issue in the same way like that of yours,then it will be easier for you to raise the voice of protest.You can ask these teachers to support you when you raise this topic in the governing body meeting.Or you can particularly put this issue before the secretary of the governing body.He can help you in this case.

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