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    Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?

    I have recently got a job of teaching in a private engineering institute. In my class,few notorious students disturbs the class and me. As a consequence,I cannot concentrate in my work and is creating a lot of problem while teaching. What steps can I take against this to control the situation?

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    Re: Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?

    Hi buddy

    I think you should definitely take some strict action against such students who have made it a habit to disturb the teacher. You should not allow such bad behaviour in your class and make sure that those students realise their mistake. For this first you should talk to the students themselves. Call them to your cabin and tell them that you have been noticing them for the past few days. They are disturbing the class and as a result you are not able to concentrate on your task of teaching. They should stop this behaviour immediately otherwise you would be forced to report them to the Head of the institute. Then they themselves will be responsible for the punishment they get. So its better if they obey your orders and don't create unnecessary trouble for themselves.

    I am sure your students will definitely obeyu your orders and will stop this uncivilized behaviour immediately. They will surely not want you to report to the Head as I am sure they would definitely be afraid of the Head. So friend you should speak authoritatively with them and then I am sure they will obey you .

    Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?

    Hello ;
    It is the scenario teaching in almost all coleges these days . You will always find some students who are not interested
    in the class but have the motive of disturbing it .
    Not that they are not as capable , you might have some brilliant students also creating nuisance in class .

    --> I think you should be firm and lay the ground rules in your class . You should ask them to leave the class if not interested .
    If it doesnt work you can give them the assurance that you will mark them present . This might make them little more
    thinking and might be more interesting in what you teach .

    If you leave the class lenient from the start , then you actually loose the power/control because then they now that
    there is no threat . Try to make them understand that it is purely their loss and these are the formitive years .

    --> Make the group sit seperately and in front row of the classes . Then they have no choice but to listen .

    Finally , if nothing seem to make a difference , act boldly that this will not be tolerated as its affecting your concentration
    and other fellow students are also suffering . Make them leave your class or strict action can be taken or their parents can
    be informed regarding the interest the ward is showing in class .

    This might set them striaght . There are many ways but you should first take those which will help them too and finally use
    you power as a teacher (If neccessary) .

    Thank you !

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    Re: Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?

    Hello, The first reason is since you are young and new at the same time,that is why some of the students are taking liberty of disturbing you are well as the whole class.Warn them .If they dont listen to it then simply throw them out of the say.In extreme cases take them to the Principal's room to teach them a good lesson.

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    Re: Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?

    You were not called byt those notorious students.
    You are called by institute administration.
    So report to institute director/ co-ordinator about the mis-behaviour of that students.
    They will take some good action aganist them, if they want to run institute correctly.
    Also you should talk with those students why they are distrubing the class.
    If they do not want to read then why they disturb others to study.
    Well administration will co-operate with you and solve your problem.

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    Re: Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?

    Hello Mam,
    IN engineering you will find such type of activity ion classes and the only way to deal it is let them free.
    if you try to take any stringent action that wont be fruitful and the more you react the more they will behave the same way.
    so just let those students to go free who dont want to attain the classes and teach only those who are interested.
    there is only way you can keep all students intact is making the classes more interesting.
    joking inbeetween using good examples and more over being a friend only you can tame them.make the classes more interactive and informative outwardly then they will be eager to attain your class with out any disturbances.
    Thank You.

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    Re: Steps against disturbance of students while teaching?

    Yes this type of problem can occur with the new teacher for this you have to change your all style. Also start doing serious steps towards these students because if you will start doing this only then you can control the student otherwise you will get more problem. You can also give them assignment or test for this they will try to study. If problem not solved then say to the principal sir.

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