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    Staff taking sleeping naps in my office

    Being an employer I am concerned about the proper timings of employee working hours. But being given comfortable working hours, my employees sleep while I go out for having my lunch and about 2 hours gets wasted without working. How can I bring discipline to this?

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    Re: Staff taking sleeping naps in my office

    Hi friend,
    This is a bad practice being followed by your staff. You should keep a more strict check on them. Wasting 2 hours everyday is not justified. Install cameras in your office, entrust the duty of keeping a check on such employees to a reliable person in your office, give them the benefit of more incentives. More their output, more their incentives. This will keep all of them motivated.

    Try and go out for lunch when their lunch break is not done as it is generally that one feels sleepy after lunch. And instead of 2 hours, reduce your lunch time. And have random checks on your emlpoyees to keep that scare in them.

    Try all this out and see if it is of considerable good.

    Good luck

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    Re: Staff taking sleeping naps in my office

    Dear, as you said that you give your employees time for break and give importance to proper timing,thus i guess your policies for completing the target of the company will also be strict. If not so then please make them somewhat strict, this will bind your employees to concentrate on their works. They ,then, will not take naps between the working hours,they will focus on achieving the set target.
    You can appoint a person or can adopt certain methods to look after the employees. You can provide them certain refreshments to make them energetic during work.

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    Re: Staff taking sleeping naps in my office

    Respected sir, this is not being good in your company because when you care for your employees and providing then enough good and comfortable environment to work freely and actively then they need to be responsible to the company and to their work and duties and if they sleeps in your absence during working hours then first of all I would like to say that you should be careful to them because if you will not focus on their duty then you may get loss which is not good at the current time that is why you should be stay in the office until every employee leaves because if you will be there in the office premises then they will work and if you leave then they will not work so that you should bring your lunch in the office everyday and do not leave the office for whole day but if you leave then no one can stop sleeping your employees during working hours excluding to you

    If you think that employees are not understanding after your order then you should arrange CCTV camera and fix that in the office where employees works and keep the CCTV LCD in your office premises then you may go to anywhere for lunch because if they will sleep then camera will record everything then you will get the proof and this will be good for you and you should warn once but if anyone do it again and again then you should cut their salaries but also provide at least 1 hour for lunch to make them fresh again for work and then only they will be eligible to work for the company

    All the best

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    Re: Staff taking sleeping naps in my office

    Hello friend
    In my point of view its a very serious problem now what you have to do is that give a written notice to all of your employees that this is my first and last warning to you that please change your behavior otherwise I have to take a necessary on this problem because after all its am matter of our office and you are behaving like that then how can proper work will be done on the right time due to your bad behavior the environment of our office is also get dirty.
    Thanking you..

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    Re: Staff taking sleeping naps in my office

    Yes no doubt discipline is very important in any activity or work we perform and this is the best and the most crucial key to success.
    and if you know that well then take liberty to take a very strict action against this practice as you pay tem for working not for sleeping during the working hours.
    So either you speak openly to them that this is not permisseble any more and if any one would be caught doing it next time then he/she will have to bear the loss as well.

    If still you dont find a lot difference then either you keep a supervisor who would keep a check on daily activities of these employees along with some other paper work as well or you can fix a few cctv cameras also there which will keep the very detail of everyone inside the office.


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    Re: Staff taking sleeping naps in my office

    its a bad thing about them and you should guide them in a good way by saying that it is not the place for this and say them that the work will get pending if they do the same thing that is sleeping continuously for more hours than given by your staff.
    first warn them that it should not be repeated and say them that if they dint listen you will complain to your boss.
    next thing if they do the same thing then its better to give a complaint on them and say your boss that take a small decision so that they will not repeat it again and say him that our staff is good if they work properly without sleep.
    thank you...............

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    Re: Staff taking sleeping naps in my office

    Hey Friend,
    This is a seriously problem.

    Cutting out of 2 hour is not a matter of joke. You should warn the employees about it very strictly.

    You should make everyone aware that if anyone if found to be sleeping then that person will be punished.

    If possible install camera so that you may keep an eye on the employees.

    You should have your lunch breaking during their lunch break since after the lunch only you feel most sleepy.

    You should be strict to maintain discipline and stop is habit of your employees.

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