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    Are sponsorships refundable?

    Mine is an automobile company where it is a normal marketing activity to give sponsorships in different occasions and advertise my product. But can I claim for my refund amount if no such business occurred due to that sponsorship as a huge amount is being spend on this?

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    Re: Are sponsorships refundable?


    It depends on what post are you in.
    If you have a expense for sponsorship then you can claim for it.
    If amount is large then company must bear it.
    Amount may be neglected if amount is minimum.
    Your participation in sponsorship also matters.


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    Re: Are sponsorships refundable?

    Answer is NO.
    Its your companies decision to give sponsorship to any particular institute or organisation.If in case you dont get any buisness out of that then problem lies in your companies analysis to find potential place to invest and so no refund or what so ever can be expected.

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    Re: Are sponsorships refundable?

    Re: Are sponsorship refundable?
    Hi friends,

    I think sponsorship refundable depends to the legal agreement.
    You can learn to the sponsorship agreement and refundable is based to the you and your sponsorship understanding.
    It depends to the based on your company also.
    So you can request to the your sponsorship given to the amount .
    And mainly you can participate in sponsorship and also company matters.


    Good luck.................

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