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    Special diet being prescribed for all the employees

    I am working in a software company. Our boss is very health conscious and so he wants all his employees to follow his footsteps and thus remain healthy and fit. Thus he has arranged for a dietician who will prescribe a special diet for all the employees which we have to foolow strictly according to our bossís orders. I donít think this is fair. How to deal with this?

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    Re: Special diet being prescribed for all the employees


    I wont disapprove with your boss's decision.This is because,with the increasing work pressure,it is essential to take proper food on proper time.Otherwise,the health conditions are surely going to deteriorate.So I would say that it is a good decision on his part.The dietician wont prescribe you to take avoid everything,but he will suggest every one of you a very balanced diet which will be very helpful for everyone of you.If your office canteen can provide healthy good food during lunch hours then it will be excellent! Please dont get upset with it! Remember ,your health is your first priority! Everything else is secondary.So do what ever it takes to keep your body fit and strong.

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    Re: Special diet being prescribed for all the employees

    Hi aspirant

    I think although your boss,on his part, is doing good for his employees by making them fit and healthy. But he should consider what they feel about this and should also take their opinion into account. He should not just force them to follow a special diet as their body and health may allow them or not. and also if they really want to follow such a strict diet depending upon their routines. They can do something other than this also like exercise , yoga to remain fit.

    So if you don't feel comfortable with it you should definitely complain to your boss about it. Go and talk to him personally. Tell him that you know that he is doing good to the employees by prescribing a special diet for them in order to remain fit and healthy. But your body wil not allow you to follow this , so you request him to relieve you from this. you ensure him that you will find some other meabs to remain fit and will never give him a reason for complaint in this case. You hope that he understands your point.

    I hope your boss will understand you otherwise you have no other option. Good luck

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    Re: Special diet being prescribed for all the employees

    Hello friend,You are lucky to have a boss who is so conscious about his workers health..So you should be lucky to be employeed by him..As it is suggested by a nutrition it wont be having any affect on your health..So better to follow it..Still if you dont want to follow it,then dont follow it..Just pretend with your boss as if you are follow the food system..Thank you..

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    Re: Special diet being prescribed for all the employees

    Dear guest,

    It appears that your boss is a very good planner. He wants maximum output off you all. And the basic principle is that an healthy employee is the best asset to the company. Hence the diet has been prescribed. However I think that it is unfair to give the diet forcibly to the emplyees who have no need for the same. its also your boss' duty to see to it that all employees are happy about the policies the company takes up.

    An healthy employee is of no use to the company if the morale of the employee is not fine. Kindly talk about the same to other colleagues and find out their ideas about this rigorous diet. Even if you find a handful of them who agree with you then you can make an appeal to your HR manager about the same or if there is a union you can bring up this topic at the union meetings.

    Convey the same idea that due to the diet the health of employees may be at the best but the morale is certainly down. I am sure that your appeal will be heard.

    Yo can also speak to the dietician about your diet habits. And ask the person to prescribe diet according to a individual. So that it is best suited for each and everyone. As all can't live on fruits itself (just an example). Afterall you have joined the company for a job. You haven't joined the army..!!

    Thank you..

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    Re: Special diet being prescribed for all the employees

    good things and good habits are always not accepted firstly its because you need to work hard and face a lot of pressure for doing it... medicine is always bitter and not sweet but it cures your illness like wise good things and good habits are always difficult to practice but it redefines your personality and your life.i very happy that your boss has taken a wonderful decision for diet plan and also is very concerned about your health.. i think his nature is equivalent to a nature of a mother who not only cares but also sets a path which is right one...
    do you know the fact that 73% of heath problems for IT software companies employees are related to heart disease... its for your own health your boss(very kind enough) is taking some good initiative... your very lucky man your boss not only wants about the companies profits and growth but he also wants very employee to have a good health... you should also know the fact that health is wealth..
    you will know the value only when you practice it.. please your health is your concern man.. be healthy and happy... i have never such a good boss in my life time so happy to read about your boss,but your unfair comment is not worthy statement that you have made.. its your wish to follow it... all the best cheers... i hope you strictly follow it

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