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    Some of the teachers not having the proper qualifications

    I have been appointed as the new Principal of a private school.I have come to know that some of our teachers in our school donít have the proper qualifications for their posts and have been appointed only as they had some relation with the previous principal. What action should be taken in such a case?

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    vinod kumar Array
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    Re: Some of the teachers not having the proper qualifications

    obviously,you should take action against them and also against the former principal.
    it is just like corruption and as you are the citizen of India you should answer for it.
    due to such kind of corrupted people,many students with high qualification get rejected and in frustration become ready to offer bribe.
    your one action may stop it.
    first you should verify their documents and condition for their joining.if every thing is fake then you should first fire them and after that oyu should take legal actions.

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    Re: Some of the teachers not having the proper qualifications

    Dear Friend

    Yes ,you must take action against them as teachers with improper qualification will not impart quality education to the students .

    This will definitely have bad impact on the image of the school.People will not send their children to your school for education.

    So please remove them as quickly as possible and recruit highly qualified teachers for the better education which will enhance the result and image of your school.

    Also talk about this matter with the owner of your school.

    Hope the information helps and satisfies you .If you have any further query then please leave it here.

    all the best


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    Re: Some of the teachers not having the proper qualifications

    Dear Sir,
    Education is undoubtedly most important sector and any kind of irregularity is dangerous of our country's future. So, it must not be tolerated and you must take action against it. But, instead of going all out against it, you should proceed carefully without putting your job in jeopardy.

    You have written that you have been appointed as the Principle. That means some else is the actual owner of the school and not you. Here, you must have clarity about how much write is given to you and up to what level you can go. It may happen that your actual care take of the school may himself be involved in the irregularity. In that case, there will be little you can do. Hence, you must talk to him about this issue and get an idea.

    Now, if you have all the right to take decisions then you should first evaluate all teachers performance in a detailed way including their degree and process of recruitment. If performance is satisfactory then don't check their degrees and retain them else you may go ahead with sacking them and recruit new well qualified teachers.

    All the best!!!

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