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    Some of the teachers are forcing me to terminate one of the teachers

    I am the Principal of a government school. Recently I have been hounded by many teachers who want me to remove a particular teacher from the school. They are not at all happy with her rude behaviour towards them. But that teacher is very good in her subject. How to deal with such a situation?

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    Re: Some of the teachers are forcing me to terminate one of the teachers

    As a principal your duty is to manage the school and its discipline. Every person have his own behavioral characteristics some are rude while other are polite. If she is working properly as a teacher and following all the disciplines of the school than you should not terminate her this is not your duty to punish a teacher if a teacher is not behaving politely with other teachers, if she is not working properly than you have all possible rights to take an action against her. It would be better that you call a meeting of all the teachers and talk about the problem, this is more of a social problem rather than school problem. Thus you can find the reason and solution of it by discussing on it rather taking any
    Also you can tell those teachers that if she is rude to them than don't interact with her, tell them that you don't have any problem with her work and due to such reasons you cannot take any action, tell them that you will talk to her and figure out the problem and her behavior could be due to any personal problems.Tell them that they must also be little sensible as they are teachers and they can't behave in this manner.

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    Re: Some of the teachers are forcing me to terminate one of the teachers

    Dear Sir,

    As you have mentioned that some of the teachers want a particular teacher to be sacked from the school, henceforth they have been trying to convince you. But, sir, in my opinion it's not the duty of the teachers to take up such decisions, rather you have the sole power to decide on such matters. I think you must convey this message to those teachers in a very polite and polished manner so that in future they could concentrate on their work and stop interfering in your matters.

    Now, coming to the attitude of the teacher who is rude to other teachers in school. As mentioned by you, if she is good at her work and has the right attitude towards her students and towards you, I feel, you need not ask her to leave but let her continue with her job. In case she misbehaves with the students or with you, then you can certainly take an action against her.

    Ultimately the decision is yours.


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    Re: Some of the teachers are forcing me to terminate one of the teachers

    frankly speaking rarely you find good and best teachers who are specialized in their teaching subject in government schools you cannot terminate a government teacher as your pressurized by all the teacher remember you should have control and command on every teacher in all areas of their functioning whether it might the decision on every lesson plans of teachers and discharging of one's duty.. i don't agree with what all teachers are telling you because you can fight with some teachers but you cannot fight with all of the teachers in the school you cannot actually be able to fight with all particularly in school where you discuss period selection of teachings and also teachers will be interacting upon the assignments and also about unit tests so its not possible for a teacher to behave badly if she fights with all it would make your position very uncomfortable because there will be no one to talk and a person cannot stay alone fight with all and don't talk with anyone and be lonely .. so its important as an responsible principal of government school you should find the truth as your in the hype surrounded around you hype VS truth is the something you should keenly think about it...

    the first step you do take an action against the teacher whom all teachers want you terminate her you should firstly assemble with teachers separately with out the knowledge of all the teachers children can really tell you what truth is because they learn from teachers and also they can judge teachers in sense of if she is behaving badly with the students or is she creating differences between students with the students these questions you should ask directly to students face to face interaction would be better.... then you will get clear picture who is telling what are their anger and frustration on the particular teacher justified so its totally dependent on the feedback you get from students.. if you get good feedback then personally ask the teacher who is behaving "so called rudely" to assemble in your cabin ask her reply for all the allegations made against her by the teachers then you will get 100% picture about the current happenings in schools it could be surprising to find that she could be a victim of politics if you found her bad and rude then immediately terminate her what is important is truth not false accusations by people all the best....

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