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    Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense

    I am the manager of a private firm. I have been noticing for quite sometime now that some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense as they ask such silly questions. What should be done with such employees who can harm the reputation of the company?

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense


    You must answer their silly questions and ask them to improve there knowledge area.
    You must handle such employees very carefully as they can harm the reputation of the company.
    They must explained not to act so silly every time or else it may affect their job.

    You should not expect everyone to be smart and talented.
    When they are hired for he job that means they have some qualities in them.

    Such employees may be answered correctly with every silly question.
    You should teach them that it is bad for their career.

    All the best

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense

    Friend every man has different ability, some of the employees lack common sense because their mind is some where else not at the work place.
    If you catch every time their mistake and show them the mistakes then they will be alert and never do the mistakes again or they will try be attentive in the office, so you should not be irritated by the same because there will be many more in the company who do some silly mistakes , some of the employees are introvert and they not share their veiws on the situation so that they lack confidence also and sometimes their mistake sis so silly that it seems that they lack common sense.
    Never worry about these kind of situation.
    Try to find out the solution for the same

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense

    We are gifted with the five senses which help to deal with the day to day activities.However,there is a requirement of a sixth sense as well commonly referred as the common sense which is essential for an individual to possess inorder to excel in the professional arena.One may be highly educated with high qualifications but without common sense,it is impossible for him/her to reach the great heights of success in the professional sector.Common sense is such a things which cannot be taught to a person rather one has to acquire it with the lessons of the past and consistent effort to do so.It is basically an art which comes with experience.

    It is quite sad to know that you have been noticing a lack of common sense in the employees of your firm.This can be quite harmful for your company as well.This is because small mistakes due to lack of common sense by the employees can incur huge loss for your company.You should take a positive initiative regarding this matter.This will not only benefit the employees but also the entire organization.It will help them to take faster decisions and boost up their confidence.

    -You may summon a meeting in this issue.It should be kept in mind that you cannot teach them common sense.
    -You can just guide them to acquire it through various situations.
    -You may put the employees in situations which requires fast decisions to be taken.
    -Later ask them to analyze their decisions.
    -Try to put them in situations where they can experience inconsistency and faults.
    -Allow them to handle the change with respect to the events.
    -Boost their confidence and request them to think of the obvious things rather getting into complex thinking.

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense

    This is really worried situation in your company because company is made to provide service to clients and people and you have hired some employees and provided them job to survive in the world so this is the duty of your every single employee that they make themselves perfect on their designation and know that what are the responsibilities in their job because if they will ask about their own work from seniors and boss then what would be the reputation of the company in the market and how your company will face stiff competition in business world

    First of all you should not worry and keep a meeting with all employees and make them understand about the job status and encourage every single employee to be better in job and try to make themselves self depend in the work because if you will say that you should be self depend and force them to complete their work on their own then they will definitely try to learn more about the job and will provide you support in completing work easily and early so you should make them understand first

    If you have much problem then you should see that whenever any employee come to you to ask for help in general issues that can be completed by common sense in business arena then you may warn them that if you are unable to complete these simple issues then how will you perform well in the company and how we would think about your promotion and increment in job so try to use your mind in right way and think like a businessmen so they will not come and try to solve each problem themselves

    All the best

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense

    Re: Some of the employees in our even lack the basic common sense

    Dear friend,

    I think they are
    different min set for employees
    You can find out employees mind set and you can follow them
    You can warning to this issues and you can share every thing to your employees
    You can move friendly with your employees
    I think your employees definitely follow the minimum common sense

    all the best................

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense

    common sense is a sense that every human should have which cannot be learnt or taught to anyone.. always pick best hardworking employees keep their silly questions aside you should ensure that company should have employees who perform best and give commitment to work.. if an employee is working hard at work and you should always encourage him for his work even he asks silly questions.. this is the way you can save company's image and reputation always.. so if the employees who don't perform better and don't show any improvement at work then you no longer require their service.. as a manager you should expect quality of service from them...

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense

    Hello friend
    What you have to do is that say to all of them that when you are asking this types to me then it’s ok I can give the answer in a very polite way but don’t be asked these types of question from other person because may be think that you are fools that’s asking these types of stupid questions in front of all other. now what you all have to do is that when you are asking the question please think that should I asked this type of question or not asked to herself that it is the right question or not.
    Thanking you…

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    Re: Some of the employees in our company even lack the basic common sense

    We have been blessed having the 5 senses and help to deal with the every day activities.However,there is a qualification on the 6 good sense likewise typically called because the commonsense which is critical for a person to get in order to be able to excel in the actual specialized arena.One might be highly informed with higher experience although without having commonsense,it can be extremely hard pertaining to him/her to attain the fantastic altitudes involving achievement inside specialized sector.Common good sense is such a things which are unable to be taught to a person instead one must attain that together with the instruction of history in addition to regular hard work to perform so.It is actually an art which comes having experience.

    It is miserable to find out this you are noticing deficiencies in commonsense inside staff of this firm.This can be extremely unsafe for ones enterprise seeing that well.This is mainly because tiny errors because of lack of commonsense by way of the staff can bear enormous damage for ones company.You really should have a good gumption pertaining to this matter.This will not only conserve the staff but the total organization.It will assist the theirs to consider more quickly judgements in addition to boost up his or her confidence.
    This really is anxious circumstances with your enterprise since enterprise is made to supply service to clientele and folks and you will have used quite a few staff in addition to provided these career to outlive on earth hence this is actually the obligation involving every single solo worker they make by themselves great on their designation in addition to realize that what are the commitments into their career since once they ask with regards to their unique perform by seniors in addition to leader and then exactly what will be the reputation of the enterprise available in the market and how your enterprise will certainly confront harsh competitiveness within business

    First of all you ought not be anxious in addition to keep a meeting with all staff in addition to get them to be fully grasp concerning the career condition in addition to inspire almost every worker to be able to much better within career and then try to create by themselves home depend inside perform since for a moment point out that you will be home depend in addition to pressure these to accomplish his or her perform on their own and then they should definitely attempt to understand more about the project in addition to will provide you help within filling out perform very easily in addition to earlier so that you really should get them to be fully grasp 1st

    For those who have considerably trouble then you definitely really should see that anytime every worker eventually be yours to seek aid in standard challenges that could be done by commonsense in business industry then you may tell these that in case you cannot entire all these uncomplicated challenges and then how does one do well inside enterprise in addition to the way you could think of ones marketing and advertising in addition to increment within career hence attempt to apply your intellect within right way in addition to think just like a commercial travellers hence they don't arrive and then try to clear up each trouble themselves.

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