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    Skills to learn for becoming future technical lead?

    I have started my career in the Software industry and now by seeing my colleagues who are around I am really motivated to attain higher heights, the first step which I need to take will be becoming a technical lead. So can you please tell me what are the skills which I need to nurture? Can someone share your experience who is already there in the position?

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    Re: Skills to learn for becoming future technical lead?

    It is good to see your interest to become technical lead.The skills that you should develop to become technical head are as follows:-


    Integrity conveys a sense of adherence to principles and values. We demand integrity in leaders as we extend so much power to them. It is a vital quality that drives people to trust. Any integrity lapse from a leader is very hard for the followers to take up.

    Leader inspires his squad through his own enthusiasm. A successful leader is highly motivated and full of energy. He cultivates and transfers his energy to followers through his enthusiasm.

    Tough and fair
    Toughness and fairness are the desirable qualities of a leader. He should be tough enough to take difficult decisions. But his toughness will only be tolerated if he is fair in his decision without indulging into any kind of favoritism.

    A leader never relaxes with the current system and always looks for a better one. He lives in the world of innovation, change and improvement. He instills these believes to his followers.

    One who can maintain calmness under pressure will definitely earn respect and can help others calm during turmoil.

    You need to have courage to withstand any odds. Remember, bravery is both inspirational and infectious.

    As said since the school days, it is indeed the best policy.

    The above qualities are most sought traits by the employers. These are not something unusual that we cannot acquire. Be aware of these traits and by exhibiting them on regular basis, you can also become a leader.

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