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  1. Do terminated employees get experience certificate?
  2. Skills and Career Opportunities of a novelist?
  3. Details regarding the on campus placement of Mechanical branch in KIIT University?
  4. Our boss is giving extra work to all the employee without promising any extra benefits for the same
  5. One of the teachers in my college is acting too pricey and wants more salary than she deserves
  6. How should I celebrate my first birthday at my new workplace so as to please everyone?
  7. My joining letter has been delayed by a month and so I am feeling very apprehensive now
  8. What should be done when your employer wants you to serve an extra month of notice period?
  9. How should I deal with one of my colleagues, who thinks that I like his sister?
  10. Unable to understand what my boss wants from me as he is always changing his requirements
  11. My boss is asking for a huge amount if I want a promotion from him
  12. One of the nurses in our hospital wants me to request the management to give her a salary hike
  13. What should be done when your boss is not ready to give you an increment even after your constant hard work?
  14. My boss is ready to give me a salary raise but not ready to give me a promotion
  15. What should I do to save my career as a writer when I know that it can be over anytime?
  16. My boss is giving me an extra responsibility of supervising the work of some of the freshers
  17. What should be done with an employee who is not taking his responsibilities seriously?
  18. What to do when many teachers want to go on a vacation at the same time?
  19. No water purifier installed at our workplace even after 1 month of complaining about it to the boss
  20. My last job was a big failure and hence I am very apprehensive about the next one
  21. How to help your colleague who is always forgetting something or the other and as a result getting a lot of flak from the boss?
  22. What should be done when your boss want you to quit from your job due to reasons best known to him?
  23. Afraid of not getting my maternity leave as I just took a week off for my cousinís marriage
  24. None of my colleagues are giving me any importance even after being promoted recently
  25. Afraid of being terminated at a time when I am already down financially
  26. Some of my colleagues are not cooperative at all and this is making it difficult for me to work in my present company
  27. What to do with one of the teachers who never learns from her past mistakes?
  28. None of my colleagues are interested in talking with me as I got into a heated argument with our boss
  29. Unable to enjoy working in my new company as all the employees here are very serious and not jovial at all
  30. What to do when your career graph is going down and your family is putting a lot of pressure on you?
  31. Better job prospect for experienced MBA HR
  32. Railway job simultaneously along with engineering
  33. Factors needed to assist a bollywood Music Director? Qualities and content required?
  34. How to claim refund for ESI deducted?
  35. Term and condition not to join the competitor within 6 months of resignation
  36. How to express my views in front of my boss regarding the intrusive nature of some of my colleagues?
  37. Getting a lot of praises from my boss regarding my recent work but still not being promised an increment
  38. How should I tell my boss that he needs some rest as he has been acting weird from the past few days?
  39. What should be done with a teacher who is not ready to discuss the problems of the students?
  40. I donít have time to serve my complete notice period of 2 months as my new job starts within a month
  41. I am not liking my new job at all as every employee is indulging in abusing the others
  42. Some of the employees in our company are very hot headed and start fighting with the others on the pettiest of issues
  43. None of my team members are supporting my idea which would be very good for our project
  44. Some of the nurses in our hospital are never coming to the hospital on time and always leaving early
  45. Everybody in our team wants to get our team leader changed but are afraid that this might hurt his feelings
  46. Our boss is not competent at all and never even tries to solve our queries whenever we ask him
  47. How to refuse my boss when I know that he has all the power and can remove me from this job whenever he wants?
  48. Unable to compete with one of my colleagues, who is quicker and more intelligent than me
  49. What to do when your boss is adamant to give you a termination letter as soon as possible?
  50. I donít like it at all when someone makes fun of our boss behind his back
  51. What is the minimum duration to withdraw Pension fund of EPF
  52. What special gesture should be done by me to thank my boss for my first promotion?
  53. One of my colleagues has a very bad habit of arguing with everyone whenever he gets the chance
  54. Personal problems leading to a lot of distress and incompetence in my professional life.
  55. How to show my boss that I am much more capable than what he thinks of me?
  56. Very excited for my first official party but I am clueless about my attire
  57. My boss has given me my termination letter without any prior information and has not mentioned any reason for the same
  58. My wife wants me to ask my boss to double my salary but I am quite afraid to do so
  59. One of my colleagues is hell bent on ruining my image in front of our boss
  60. How to impress your boss when your last piece of work received a lot of criticism from him?
  61. What should be done with an employee who is unable to improve his shortcomings despite being given many chances?
  62. Some of the teachers in my school are very rude and highly irresponsible
  63. What should be done when I am not getting any kind of motivation to work further at my current workplace?
  64. How should I ask my boss that I want to marry his daughter?
  65. Very afraid to ask for a sick leave from my manager as it has been only a week since I joined this company
  66. Selection procedure to become a member of Public Service Commission
  67. Am I able to practice law without having any certificate from Bar Council of India?
  68. Bank Holiday list that is followed by all banks in India?
  69. Job Profile needed for Student Advisor post in KIIT Science College?
  70. Companies providing training facilities for MBA students?
  71. Significance of Placement consultants in sorting campus placement drive for Engineering Institutions
  72. Variety of Industry that are available for BBA student
  73. Company has not reimbursed all my expenses after firing me from my post
  74. Communication system is lacking in many Oil Sector companies in India
  75. How do I apply for promotion from District court judge to high court judge?
  76. Not getting pay protecting even being a senior member in a deemed university
  77. Director has deleted my scenes in a TV Serial
  78. Does every company take a stress level interview test?
  79. Can a company transfer me to a different location within a month of joining?
  80. Will my salary be cut down after I was demoted to lower post?
  81. Not being able to make adjustments with our bossís snobbish ways
  82. Which company to join Infosys or Cognizant willing to go for higher education after 2-3 years?
  83. Higher job in Railway after graduation if joined Trackman job after SSC?
  84. Job other than Teaching for 45 years old housewife
  85. I cannot tolerate it when our boss tries to sexually abuse some of the female employees of our company
  86. What should be done with a teacher who is trying to make her own rules and regulations for her class?
  87. One of my colleagues, who has deep connections with some powerful people, is always bullying other employees
  88. My boss expects me to do all his personal work without saying a word
  89. Should I keep in touch with some of my previous companyís colleagues after leaving that job?
  90. Unable to help one of my colleagues who is getting so much scolding from our boss
  91. What should be done when one of your colleagues wants you to bunk the office after lunch, with him?
  92. What should be done when you are afraid to go in front of your boss after messing up the work he gave you?
  93. What should be done with a nurse who is not ready to listen to the Doctorís orders?
  94. Fed up of my colleagueís constant criticism of my handwriting and inability to do my tasks quickly
  95. What kind of tactics should be used to impress my boss so that he favours me over the other employees?
  96. Not getting any positive feedback from my manager even after I did everything according to his instructions
  97. Not getting used to the working atmosphere of my new office even after 3 months of joining
  98. How to get rid of my bad habit of making fun of my colleagues whenever I get the chance?
  99. Our boss is not giving me any kind of encouragement to do better after I failed in my last task
  100. Is it possible to become a Loco Pilot after 10th?
  101. Qualification, age limit and application for RTO?
  102. None of the publishing companies are showing interest in my new story after the failure of my last book
  103. One of my female employees is insisting on bringing her 2 children to the office for a week
  104. None of the higher officials are ready to listen to my complaints and grievances against our boss
  105. All the employees in our company are getting the festival bonus except me
  106. Some of the employees do not even care to give prior information to the manager before taking a leave
  107. What should be done with a fresher who hasnít joined the company even after 5 days of the joining date?
  108. Our boss is hesitating to punish an employee who slapped another employee in front of him and the whole office
  109. The inability of some of the team members led to the failure of our project
  110. Our boss doesnít know how to treat all his employees equally and in a fair manner
  111. What action should be taken against an employee who is not ready to serve his notice period?
  112. What should be done with a teacher who punishes the students in a very brutal manner?
  113. What should be done when your boss doesnít expect much from you inspite of you having so much potential?
  114. I donít want to talk to one of my colleagues, who made fun of me in front of everyone, and now is apologizing for the same
  115. Our workplace is very messy and no one is assuming the responsibility of keeping everything organised
  116. What is the best way to thank my boss for my first increment?
  117. When can I get Offer Letter after getting selected in MNC?
  118. Canít bear one of the nurses in our hospital who always abuses the interns
  119. I am not feeling well for the past few days but still am forced to complete my work by our boss
  120. What is the most appropriate way to ask for my maternity leave from my manager?
  121. Could not enjoy my previous 2 weekends due to our bossís orders for the employees to work during those days
  122. I donít get any personal time with my family as my boss is making me do overtime these days
  123. My boss wants my team to be successful in our present project, otherwise I will not get my increment
  124. What should be done when your boss wants to start your work all over again?
  125. What action should be taken against an employee who is the cause of a fight between some of the employees?
  126. One of the nurses in our hospital orders the interns to do some of her work
  127. One of my friendís from my previous working place wants me to join him in the celebrations for his promotion
  128. Not getting a pat on the back from the boss for getting a good deal for the company
  129. Our boss wants all his employees to be equipped with good general knowledge but I am very weak at it
  130. My boss is very angry with me as he saw me with one of my female colleagues inside a mall
  131. I badly want an increment in my salary this time but my boss is asking me to wait for the next time
  132. Getting horrible reviews for my previous work is making me lose my self confidence
  133. I have never offended my boss but still he is never happy with me and my work
  134. Will it affect my career if my boss is transferring to another. not so famous branch of our organisation?
  135. My boss has asked me to bring some home made cake for him and I am very nervous as this is the first time he has asked me to do something for him
  136. My boss is not allowing me to bring my 5 year old boy to my workplace, just for a few days
  137. I had a very bitter experience at my previous job and thus am really very nervous of taking up a new one
  138. What should be done with an employee, who instead of concentrating on his project, is helping the members of other group?
  139. One of the teachers in our school is jealous of the teachers getting higher salary than hers, thus never speaking properly with them
  140. Our manager is not allowing me to take a few days leave for helping my father, who is in distress
  141. Our boss doesnít know how to behave with his employees in a polite manner
  142. One of the employees has lost his precious watch and now he is questioning every employee for that
  143. Our team leader is acting like a coward and putting the whole blame regarding the failure of our project, on me and my colleague
  144. My bossís comments on my character have been very derogatory and I really want to teach him a lesson
  145. Some of my colleagues are challenging me to beat our boss in a game of carrom
  146. Our boss has strictly ordered us not to talk at all during the working hours which makes it very boring
  147. One of the senior residents in our hospital is physically punishing the interns who donít do his work
  148. One of the teachers wants that the children of our college should take more interest in sports
  149. My boss is always expecting me to do his personal work for him as I am a very obedient employee
  150. What action should be taken against an employee who has cheated us by presenting forged documents?
  151. Our boss is a very dishonest person and gives wrong information to the higher authorities regarding the employees
  152. Not getting any credit for my hard work even after doing overtime for a week
  153. My manager is accusing me of false things just because he heard it from somewhere
  154. Not able to appreciate one of my colleagueís good work as he has been very dishonest with me
  155. One of the senior residents in our hospital is taking a lot of leaves and making the juniors do his work
  156. I want to take some strict action against my boss as he physically mishandled me in front of everyone
  157. Our management is never supporting the employees and always creating rules that will be despised by them
  158. Some of my colleagues are not treating me properly as they think that I am an arrogant person
  159. Not getting any kind of incentive to continue working in my present company
  160. Some of the teachers are not happy even after being given an increment
  161. One of the senior employees of our company want me to do some of his work as he will be on leave for a week
  162. How to tell my manager that I want my 2 months salary in advance, as I am a fresher here?
  163. One of the employees in our company always bullies his juniors but the boss never tells him anything
  164. I want to give my best to my work but some personal problems are preventing me from doing so
  165. Can I question back to the HR if he rejects me for being a 9.5 student?
  166. Which license is required to open up a Travel Agency?
  167. What are the specialisation that I should be good at to become a Radio Jockey?
  168. Unable to understand why my boss wants me to be the team leader as I have never been exceptional in my work
  169. Some of the teachers of our college are behaving very nastily with one of the new teachers
  170. Lot of disrespect being shown to by the officials during my notice period
  171. The new company that I have joined is way below my expectations in terms of work environment and the management
  172. How to be cordial with one of your colleagues when he is constantly trying to irritate you with his silly jokes?
  173. A few arguments with my boss has led to downfall in my career
  174. One of my lawyer friends wants me to fight his case as he is very sick at present
  175. Lot of employees in our company make their personal calls on office phones
  176. Improper cooling facilities at our workplace during the summers is leading to dissatisfaction among the employees
  177. Corrupt practices at our workplace are destroying the confidence of the honest employees
  178. Will the Miss World or Miss Universe get monthly salary or any job facility after winning the contest?
  179. Is it not the responsibility of employers to take care of employee's safety?
  180. What does Employee value addition signify?
  181. What shall I do if my current job is increasing my mental instability day by day?
  182. Will it wise of me to go for Painting and Arts as the career course?
  183. What are the necessary preparation that I should keep in mind in Road safety campaign presentation for academic and public purpose?
  184. How does the working style of an Airline differ from a Courier company?
  185. Is it really reliable to join a company through backdoor entry?
  186. Do the pension amount is limited to some years or I will avail it lifetime?
  187. Will the legal notice for not serving the notice period affect my Educational career in future?
  188. Is it good or bad for an HR Manager to get rude during the time of an interview?
  189. Details regarding the qualification eligibility and experience to become a Stockbroker?
  190. How will I publish my first book?
  191. What does Fix benefit Plan imply?
  192. Is there any chance that my bonus will get deducted for the maternity leave?
  193. Can I be liable to to get the PF money if our company has been overtaken my another company?
  194. Am I eligible to apply for the internship in any company being a Diploma student?
  195. How does B.E IT differ from B.Tech. Computer Science?
  196. Do the GATE entrance exam has any reservation system for OBC NCL applicants?
  197. Can the employer hire a retired employee into the another post than the post from which he retired?
  198. Will the company check my background details while I am being promoted to new position if they have already checked it while my joining?
  199. Can I extend my date of joining by more 15 days?
  200. I am really ashamed that I got drunk at an official party and beat one of my colleagues but my boss wants to fire me for this
  201. What to do with a teacher who doesnít know how to deal with the students and solve their problems?
  202. Our boss has warned all the employees not to go for late night parties as he is completely against them
  203. Some of the employees in our company are so unruly that all the others are miffed with them
  204. All my colleagues are forcing me to join the disco party, thrown by one of them, but I donít want to go there
  205. My boss took out so many mistakes in my project that I literally felt like crying in front of him
  206. My colleagues are suggesting me to relax a little as they think that I am overstressing myself
  207. My boss always tells me to be more consistent even though I always give my best to my work
  208. One of my colleagues wants me to help him in presenting our team leader in a negative way in front of our boss
  209. Unable to make out what my boss exactly wants from me even after 5 years of serving in this company
  210. One of my friends wants me to teach a lesson to one of our colleagues, who shouted at him in front of everyone
  211. Highly satisfied with my present job but afraid of losing it due to the company politics
  212. How to react when your boss wants you to do the work of one of the employees, along with your own, while he is on leave?
  213. The parents of some of the students are having grudges against one of the best teachers in our school
  214. One of the employees wants a high increment otherwise he is threatening to leak the secrets of our company
  215. Shocked at the way in which one of my colleagues behaved with me after he came back from his leave
  216. My boss wants to transfer me to a remote area where there are no proper food and health facilities
  217. All the employees at my workplace are very boring and thus it gets very monotonous sometimes
  218. One of my colleagues is always bringing my personal life in between our professional arguments
  219. My boss is not impressed with me due to my inability to take decisions in difficult situations
  220. After how many years of service one can be eligible to become the CEO of the company?
  221. Will the company deduct PF from the employees who have joined it on stipend?
  222. Can we dismiss an employee without informing him if he takes a leave for 15 days without informing us?
  223. Do the companies reduce HRA and T.A.D.A amount for being transferred to a unprofitable area?
  224. What should one do to join a Shipping company?
  225. How will I describe the term cooperation to my subordinates?
  226. What are the works that a veterinarian has to do?
  227. Who is offered more lucrative salary, Lawyer or a Solicitor?
  228. Can I avail the College pay for my child after getting dishonorably discharged from the military ?
  229. Are we allowed to practice to be a lawyer as well as a judge at the same time?
  230. My parents have very high expectations from me and want me to become the team leader as soon as possible
  231. Parents want me to leave this job as they think that my boss is a very arrogant person
  232. One of the employees has completely changed after his promotion and has become high headed
  233. My boss is threatening to make me redundant if I donít support him in front of the higher officials
  234. Unprofessional attitude from the employees leading to the downfall of our company
  235. My boss wants me to give some good tips to the juniors so as to improve their level of performance
  236. What action should be taken against an employee who is never coming to the office on time and not being sorry for that?
  237. How to teach a lesson to one of my colleagues who never concentrates on his work and keeps on commenting on otherís work?
  238. What should be done when you want your maternity leave just after 3 months of joining?
  239. Unable to take the right decisions for our project due to excessive pressure from the boss
  240. Company is taking away my Joining Bonus money which I received under the pact signed by the Associate Leader-Recruitment
  241. Which course should I opt for in my years of Law to get into Consumer Court?
  242. Name some free sites where I can give ad for vacancy in our company
  243. Can someone fulfil his dreams in a Photography career?
  244. The whole group got disqualified for the inappropriate approach of a single candidate in a GD
  245. If employee asks for 3 months leave to look after his pregnant wife, should I allow him?
  246. How can I start my career in the Law field?
  247. Do small Company provide Medical insurance benefits and tax benefits to the employees?
  248. Which business is the best to do considering the present market scenario?
  249. Does appointing a counselor will affect the sustainability of the employees in our company?
  250. How to plan the Marketing and Faculty Members for running a vocational training institute in small budget?