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    Should I remain restricted to my hometown?

    I am working in a government organisation. I have always restricted myself to my hometown as I donít want to go anywhere else. My job is not that good. So my friends have been advising me to go and find a job in other cities where there are more and better opportunities. I am really confused now. Should I restrict myself to my hometown or should I listen to my friends?

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    Re: Should I remain restricted to my hometown?

    No, keeping yourself restricted won't let you see more development. The more you restrict yourself, the more you will restrict your career opportunities and chances. To explore more you have to move to different cities which offer more jobs and higher salaries. Listen to your friends and try finding more jobs in different cities, you will definitely find some good job opportunities there. all the best

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    Re: Should I remain restricted to my hometown?

    Hello Dear,

    It is rightly said that "Success is sweet but its secret is sweat". Now the choice is absolutely yours. If you are really keen to succeed in life, you will have to sacrifice the comforts of your hometown and move on to the outer world. But if you are not very keen to succeed in life and have reached a state of complacency, then you can stick to your hometown and enjoy the warmth of your family and friends there. So think, and then take up a decision. It is your decision and you need to take it wisely. We have definitely showed you the path and the results but ultimately its your life.


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