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    Which should I opt for, my newly created web site or job in MNC?

    I have created a website with the help of my friend. And I also got recruitment letter from a MNC. One of the senior also had created an website and was earning 50,000 per month and after getting inspired from him we created this web site. My salary package with which I am recruited in the MNC is 29,000 per month. I am now confused that which should be given more priority.

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: Which should I opt for, my newly created web site or job in MNC?


    Look, if you are earning more than the MNC offer then why join them. It is much better to
    focus on your current job as it is very lucrative. You can also enhance the earning potential
    of your website. I would suggest you not to join the MNC you should rather stick to you current
    assignment. It will be best option for you.


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    aman Array
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    Re: Which should I opt for, my newly created web site or job in MNC?

    It depends on the type of work you want to do and indepth knowledge about the work. See you know the amount your senior is getting from his website but if you know how than you have a better chance of earning. It is not necessary that you could earn the same amount from your website as it depends on the usefulness and exclusiveness of your website. You can earn less or even more than your senior. On the other hand you have a job with a salary of 29000 rs without any ifs and buts. And also you will gain an experience of working in a professional enviornment. If you are good your career opportunities will increase and thus can earn more with your salary.

    The best thing if you can do will be to do both the things, as you have a friend with you he can help you in maintaining your website when you are on job and while you are free you can give your inputs for the same. Rest the decision is yours based on your confidence in the website business. You can also take advice from your senior who is already running a website about the time involved in maintaining the website and the problems in running the same. It can help you in being more clear about taking any decision.

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    saurav bharti Array
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    Re: Which should I opt for, my newly created web site or job in MNC?

    hello friend,
    I think you should clearly go for joining in MNC. As you said that your starting package is 29k per month , this means there is lot waiting for you in that company.
    And about website , i think you should not completely close it. While working in MNC you can maintain your web site too. You just have to manage the work pressure.
    IF you wont be able to get 50k from your website while working in company then don't worry, at least you would get about 30k to 40k. So in total you would be getting 65k in starting. So its very good in monetary value .As well as you will be working in MNC so there also you will gain respect .
    In later stages when your website ranking comes to good level then you will start earning more and more . So at this point you could hire some employee who could maintain your website. By just paying some amount to employee you could earn a lot .
    Best of luck for your future.

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    Re: Which should I opt for, my newly created web site or job in MNC?

    you have two very good option to move on with.
    Now its completely upto you that in which field you wanna excel.
    Give yourself some time and think deep about both the option and then think that what exactly your heart says to do.
    Try to think that which work would give you more happiness? Then only decide and excel your career in it,
    Gud luck

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    satish Array
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    Re: Which should I opt for, my newly created web site or job in MNC?

    as you said you created a new website then you may pot fo that one only so that you may have your self satisfaction and you know self satisfaction is the one which gives you happiness and if you are good enough to handle both then its better to opt for both.
    if your website is liked by most then it is ok but if they failed you will be in trouble,so think twice before taking the decision.
    have a good time.
    thank you.............

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