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    Should I complain for lewd remarks by colleagues post meeting?

    Recently, after the meeting, some of the colleagues got drunk and passed abusive remarks. I want to put complain about this but my colleagues feel that it would create unnecessary discomfort as it was post meeting. What should I do? Please suggest a way.

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    Re: Should I complain for lewd remarks by colleagues post meeting?

    Hi friend

    You should definitely not withstand such nuisance from your colleagues and see to it that you teach them a lesson for passing such lewd and abusive remarks. You should definitely not leave them unpunished as then they will not learn any lesson and continue with such ridiculous behaviour. You should first talk to those colleagues and ask them to apologize. Tell them that you have been very hurt by their passing lewd remarks on you and you want them to apologize.

    If they apologize then your problem is solved and also tell them not ot drink after meetings and pass such remarks on anyone otherwise you will be forced to complain to the boss. I hope they will listen to you and follow your advice.

    Now in case they don't apologize to you, straightaway go to your boss and tell him about the whole incident- how some of your colleague got drunk after the meeting and passed lewd remarks at you. You want them to be punished so that they don't repeat such behaviour with anyone again.

    I am sure your boss will listen to you and they will learn their lesson. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Should I complain for lewd remarks by colleagues post meeting?

    Dear you think that is wrong but you do not have information that what your manager think about this activity i mean to say that if you know about your manager and company rules as well during the various meeting and occasions then you should go to the manager and let them know everything about this, that what happened after the post meeting and how your co-workers misbehaved after that meeting and got drunk too which is not in the rules of the company and it is really going against the company's image and if they would be continue on their same way then company may loose it's reputation and image whatever in the market and in front of the people and you should request the manager that they do not mention your name in front of them whenever they say anything to them because it may affect your image and their behavior with you and also tell the manager that they are going to make unprofessional atmosphere in the company and lives in office as their own home then i am sure that manager would take a good action against this and you should also go to them who are doing this and ask them and make them understand that you should not do it but before that you should go to the manager so that it would be better for you and your job and reputation

    All the best

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