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    Should I argue with my manager or not?

    I am working in a small private firm. Whenever I submit my project report and feel it is perfect,my manager points out some mistake which I donít think is right. So I feel like arguing with him at that time but my friends have told me that it is not good for my future in this company. Should I argue with my manager or not? If not how to put forward my viewpoint?

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    Re: Should I argue with my manager or not?

    hello friends..

    @ do not argue with your manager

    @ if any problem will be there consult your HR

    @ he will take care about your problem

    @ if any necessary problem will be there

    @ maintain good relation with your manager

    @ try to convence him but do not argue with him

    @it leads problem to you

    all the best

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    Re: Should I argue with my manager or not?

    It is sad to know that all the time mistakes are pointed out in your project reports by your manager.It is a very concerning problem as this might create big problems in the future.So you should solve it in the early stages.There can be various reasons to this .
    -Your manager might have some personal grudge against you.
    -Your ideas may not be suiting well to the company in a way of which you are not thinking.
    -Your manager wants perfection in job and wants you to be perfect.

    Arguing is not a solution to this.You should discuss and learn in this topic in detail.You can do the following to get rid of this problem:-
    -Discuss with him in this matter in detail especially about your thoughts for the project.
    -Ask him about the faults in your ideas.
    -Measures to improve the ideas.
    -Explain him the advantages of the ideas provided by you.
    -Do not repeat your mistakes from next time.

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    Re: Should I argue with my manager or not?

    Re: Should I argue with my manager or not?

    My suggestion:

    I think you should not argue with your manager.
    You can argue with your manager you can faces the lot of problems in your company.
    So you can cool and once again check the your project report tell the manager.
    This problems i have seen many companies and don't argue with your manager.
    Because you still lead the your company and also your future in this company.
    So this things follow them.
    You can solve the problem and be patient.


    GOOD LUCK..............

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    Re: Should I argue with my manager or not?

    Hi aspirant

    Certainly you should not indulge in any unnecessary argument with your manager as that can certainly affect your job and even your repuation will take a backseat then. You should try to put your viewpoint in front of him in the most polite way possible and thus not indulge in any argument. Your friends are definitely guiding you in the right direction and so you should definitely follow their advice.

    If you think that the mistake which your manager is pointing at is not right , then instead of arguing you should ask him to tell you the right method to correct it as you are completely clueless about the same and thus his help will be aprreciated. I am sure he will take this as a polite remark and will certainly help you out. In this way you will remain in his good books and thus not face any trouble later on.

    So friend always maintain good relations with your manager and other senior offcials as that is the golden rule for success. Good luck

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    Re: Should I argue with my manager or not?

    hiii arguments lead nowhere, dont argue with your boss know the fact that "BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT" follow this fact and do your work even he is wrong. always let your performance speak for yourself... make a good work be the answer to your manager..see arguing with your manager makes no point because he will not agree with your point.....because of his higher position and ego which he develops its common felling of humans.. submit your projects with his corrections,gain some experience and go for rotation policy in your job its better for your future all the best

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