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    Should former employees be kept involved in company activities?

    My boss has had an idea that we should keep former employees involved in the company activities like ask them to the company fun outings, organize dinner with them so that new employees can use their experience and we can also know about their lives. Is it a good idea to let them interact with present employees?

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    Re: Should former employees be kept involved in company activities?

    Hi friend

    I think your boss is certainly right here and that you should definitely give a chance to your present employees to interact with your former employees and thus share their experience. This will be certainly prove fruitful to the present employees who will learn many new things from them and thus will apply them to their work too. Also it would be a great change for your previous employees as they will enjoy themselves during these outings and will have fun interacting with the youngsters and sharing their experiences with them.

    But you should be careful while implementing such ideas. Choose only those former employees who hold your company in good regards and are very proud to be its ex-employees. Don't choose the ones who are likely to spread negativity about the company while interacting with your present employees. I am sure you will certainly implement this idea in the best way possible and thus will have a good time.

    Good luck. Hope this idea becomes a major success. Thanks

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    Re: Should former employees be kept involved in company activities?

    -->yes it is a good idea
    -->this will surely increase the interaction and you will come to know more about them
    -->the more you know, the more comfort zone level is high
    -->tasks, projects can be done properly
    -->add a positive effect to the ambiance
    -->time will be saved
    Good luck

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    Re: Should former employees be kept involved in company activities?

    Dear it is a good idea of your manager of the company because when they would meet you and other fresher candidates then you and others would be introduced with their experience in the company and you would be a good opportunity for you that you may share your current status with them and may learn some tricks to get promotion ideas and salary hike chances in your job so that you should not worry about this because you manager has decided the good thing for the company and you and each fresher body should meet them happily and share your thoughts to each others and ask them for better work and performance in the company so that the manager could be impressed with you all and there is nothing wrong in calling them because they have left the company and they are now as a former employees of your company so that they would not affect company from any type because no body wants it and when your company is providing them a good chance to hangout and party then they would be glad to know this thing and would help you a lot

    All the best

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    Re: Should former employees be kept involved in company activities?

    Hello there !!!

    yes, your boss has nice thinking.
    helping your new employees to interact with the seniors employees will surely help them to get all those
    experience and the struggle that they have faced during their job period.
    also, it is said that old is gold, and it is not wrongly said.
    all those old things have nice lessons for the recent generations. ok ???

    so, i will too suggest you to allow all the employees to interact with one another so that they may come to
    know about each one's rise and fall.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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