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    Shortcuts to get appraisal from my manager?

    I am working in a private firm. Our company conducts appraisals yearly for its employees and the deserved ones get the salary hikes. I am a new employee and have heard from some seniors that there are certain shortcuts to get appraisals. Can you please tell me about such shortcuts which can help me to get appraisal from my manager.

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    Re: Shortcuts to get appraisal from my manager?

    hello friends..

    @improve your performance day by day

    @maintain discipline at work place

    @always be professional in the office

    @ you have a capability to do any work

    @have a good team player

    @good impression from your HR manager

    all the best

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    Re: Shortcuts to get appraisal from my manager?

    Hi buddy

    If you follow my advice then I will advice you that there are no shortcuts to success and for getting good appraisals. All that matters is that how hard you wprk and what is the level of your performance. Of course there are certain things like if you maintain good relations with your manager then you will find it easier to get a good appraisal. If you keep flattering your boss then also your chances of getting good appraisals increase. But these are just temporary.

    You should not concentrate on such shortcuts and rather fully concentrate on your work. In this way you will see for yourself that how fast you will climb the ladder of success and then you will definitely feel proud of yourself as you did it with your hard work and dedication and not apllied any shorcuts to achieve the same.

    So friend I really hope that you get my message and thus make it a point to always work hard and give 100% to your work. All the best

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    Re: Shortcuts to get appraisal from my manager?

    Hi Friend,
    It is rightly said that there is no shortcut to success. Success needs consistent and persistent efforts on your part. Thus, you do need to work quite hard in a private set up to seek appraisal. However, If you follow some basic tips and have a goal in mind about your appraisal, I think your appraisal is not far away and you too can enjoy a hike in your salary.
    I think you should always make it a point to remain in the good books of your boss/manager. You can achieve that by being punctual, greeting your boss/ manager regularly, instantly completing the tasks/ projects assigned to you by him, coming up with great ideas for new projects and also remember to remain calm if your boss ever criticizes you because basically, at that time your patience is tested. You must try to overcome the shortcomings that your manager notices in you to be among his favourites.

    Finally, As it is said flattery is an art, you do need to practice that definitely. This is one of the most tested and tried method or shortcut of seeking an appraisal! Hence, you must maintain a good rapport with your manager and see the results!
    Good luck..

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    Re: Shortcuts to get appraisal from my manager?


    You may have heard about shortcuts to get appraisals,but let me tell you as a fresh and junior employee you are not supposed to think about this ,at this point of time.This is not the right time to think about these short cuts.You should be focused and concentrate on your work right now.If your work is satisfactory then your hard work will definitely be recognised and praised. Hard work is the only way to your success.Then not only you will be eligible for salary hike but will also get promotion.The only condition will be your consistent performance.

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