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    Short term course for joining Infosys after 2 years gap?

    I used to work as a software developer with Infosys before I took a break to take care of my child. Now I want to join work back again but feel that I have lost the touch. Should I do some small latest courses before joining so that I know what is new?

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    Re: Short term course for joining Infosys after 2 years gap?

    Dear if you wants learn something new about the software and technology then you may go for any course but if you are willing to complete any course about your previous working then you would have to do it by yourself because this type of courses are not being taught anywhere and when you have left the touch of your previous work then you should go back to that company and if possible then you should ask for approval for some days to get the knowledge back of your previous work and if they allow you and ask you for money then you should not reject that and accept happily and get your knowledge back within 15 days and do not go for more time and if you wants to learn something new in software and technology then you should go to any good computer institute and get the details about the new one courses running at present in those institutes and if you think any one better then you should join and get your complete knowledge back and you may go for any one of the following course according to your interest and knowledge

    CPP or JAVA
    HTML and XML
    SQL and PLSQL

    All the best

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    Re: Short term course for joining Infosys after 2 years gap?


    It depend on the type of work you do...
    If that work need a more experience then you can do a course.
    So you can also ask your company for the same.
    They will help you better in such case.
    They may even tell you not to do any course further.


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    Re: Short term course for joining Infosys after 2 years gap?

    Hello Mam,
    there is no such issue to come back to the field if you want to join again just need to brush up the things in which you were working previously.if you have time and willingness to do then do certification in that language in which you have last worked .when you approach again in the company then produce your certification that will help you to get the job in same project or some project where that technology is in use.
    you can do other courses also which is new in market and have a great demand,usually company easily agrees to recruit anyone who have knowledge in new domain which have just lunched in market or certification in evergreen technologies like JAVA ,Oracle...etc will surely fetch you a job.
    but i will suggest you to go for a new domain or the domain you had last worked ,as in new domain there will be less competition and it will surely fetch you a job and if you learn the last domain in which you had worked then that will help you to take up the course easily and perform well.
    Thank You

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