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    Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?

    I am working in a private company. Recently my wife got transferred to Delhi. Now I also want to go to Delhi so that we can live together. So shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way? Please give me some suggestions for the same.

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    Re: Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?

    Hi friend

    Ofcourse it is always good if husband and wife live together at the same place as it lends more stability to the relationship and also results in a greater bonding. But as you know that the matters of transfer are very complicated and generally you need a very solid reason to get yourself a transfer. According to me your reason is not that solid and you may face some difficulties in getting this transfer. But of course you should not get disheartened and try your best in this matter.

    Generally companies now-a-days give transfer to its employees either when they themselves want to or only on medical grounds if the employee himself asks for a transfer. But as in your case you have no medical grounds for your transfer thus it may become diffficult for you to get the same. But in any case you should definitely ty and thus ask your boss. This will certainly not affect your job in a bad way. Rather it will not have any effect on your job at all.

    You go to your boss's office and tell him that you desire a transfer as your wife has recently got transferred to
    Delhi and now you too want to go there for reasons that you hope that your boss can understand. You really want to have a good and stable relationship with your wife and thus request your boss if he can provide you with a transfer as soon as possible. Even if it will take some time but it can get sanctioned, you are even ready to wait for that time period.

    I really hope that your boss is able to understand your feelings and your love for your wife. If he really is an understanding and helpful person I am sure he will do his level best to get you a transfer. This requires a lot of steps and you will certainly have to wait for sometime as it will go through a lot of offfcials before being samctioned.

    I hope you get your transfer. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?

    it NICE to hear that you want live with your wife but basically you need is strong reason to get transferred from place to required place....
    and you must be kind enough to do whatever they ask you to do for transfer,, and that's not gonna effect your job.

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    Re: Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?


    There nothing bad in asking for transfer to your boss.
    You must obviously stay with your wife.
    You should tell your boss about your situation.
    Explain him that your transfer is very important to stay with your wife.
    He will surely understand.
    First give him application that you need transfer.
    Then tell him why you need transfer.
    This will not affect your job in a bad way.
    All the best

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    Re: Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?

    hello friend.

    it is so sad that your wife is transferred to delhi and at the same time i am very happy to see your love and affection for your wife.
    you will have to go there with your without her you can't mange.

    of course surely you can ask for transfer from your boss and also it won't affect your job in a bad.
    but there are some rules and policies of the company regarding transfer,so first of all you should have to check that you fall in criteria or not.
    you shall talk to your boss and request him to do so.he is the one who can really help you or he would suggest you some other alternative or else you can ask your wife to talk to her boss to stop the transfer,these all depend on your performance also in the company,if your sincere and hard working employee then i am sure your boss will surely help you.

    all the best.

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    Re: Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?


    i appreciate your interest live or work with your wife in a same company or same place..

    i thing if you are eligible for voluntary transfer means you can kindly ask to your boss about your situation and transfer...

    there is no way living is alone after marriage..it is not good your life and family.because you will miss your family members,etc..

    so better you can speak to your boss about your transfer with kindly..they will accept your request.

    thank you.

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    Re: Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?

    firstly congrats for your marriage .
    i think you should discuss the whole matter with your and try to convince him. as these are the common problems faced by every one in there life . i think your boss will surely help you after listening the whole matter .

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    Re: Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?

    yes, you should surely ask for transfer through proper channel and how well you communicate with HR department and your reporting manager i think you will you find any difficulty in transfer but you should really go through company's transfer policy to get any sort of key issues that will really enable you get easy transfer..you have genuine and valid reason for your transfer but i request you to have patience of about 6 months for your transfer because you cannot be directly transferred with immediate effect there is some legal procedure for it.. it depends on lobbying channels i mean to say you that if you have any good contacts with higher ups your way and path will be easy which will directly make your transfer very transparent and quick..

    you should write a letter to your boss and giving valid reasons for your transfer you can also mention your wife is alone and hence you want her feel more secured with your presence there is nothing you should worry for as your better part is working far from you so it would also be a relief to you if you two work at one state. the same should be forwarded to hr department as well .. it takes time but don't worry be optimistic and happy.. your letter will be forwarded to Delhi if there are any scopes for your transfer you will have your transfer easy but do catch a responsible person for getting some speed process done on your transfer

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    Re: Shall I ask for transfer from my boss or will it affect my job in a bad way?

    Of course it is good if perhaps husband and wife stay collectively at the same location mainly because it adds much more security to the partnership and even results in a more significant bonding. Yet since you know that the particular issues regarding shift are certainly intricate and usually you want a really stable reason to have a transfer. Based in my opinion your reason is certainly not stable and you will probably encounter quite a few complications to get this particular transfer. Fat you ought not obtain disheartened and attempt your very best in this particular matter.

    Generally corporations now-a-days present shift to its personnel sometimes if they on their own need to or even only about health grounds if perhaps the worker him self requires your transfer. Yet since for you personally there are no health cause for your shift as a result it could become difficult which will get the particular same. Yet at any rate when they are not ity and so inquire your boss. It will not have an impact on your livelihood inside an unsatisfactory way. Relatively it won't possess relation to your livelihood at all.

    You visit your boss's place of work and be sure he understands that you want your shift for your partner has recently became employed in
    Delhi and then you way too need to go there to get explanations for you to pray that a supervisor can easily understand. You truly want a fantastic and constant connection with your partner and so ask your boss if perhaps he / she can present you with your shift the minute possible. Even if it should take a long time but it surely could possibly get approved, you're actually prepared to wait to get that time period.

    I actually pray that a supervisor has the capacity to comprehend your feelings and your love for your wife. In the event he / she is really a preliminary understanding and valuable human being I know he'll almost certainly complete her stage ideal to help you get your transfer. This implies a great deal of techniques and you will then absolutely include to wait to get at some point mainly because it go by way of a great deal of officials before being sanctioned.
    you'll want to create formed for a supervisor and providing valid reasons behind your shift you can also refer to your ex is usually by itself so because of this you wish the girl experience much more secured with your reputation you'll find nothing you'll want to get worried for as your easiest portion is usually doing work considerably of your stuff therefore it might as well be described as a alleviation for you if perhaps you and them just work at one particular state. the exact same ought to be forwarded to hour or so unit likewise .
    it takes occasion although no problem be positive and happy your notice is going to be forwarded to Delhi if perhaps you will discover just about any scopes on your shift you will get your shift quick although complete pick up your in charge human being to get getting some pace process executed in your transfer.

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