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    Senior lawyer asking me to fight his case on his behalf

    I am a lawyer and practicing in a district court. I have just started my practice. One of the senior lawyers has fallen ill recently and now he wants me to fight his case which is going on right now. I am really very nervous as I donít want to let them. So should I take up this case or not as I am not very confident? Please give me some good suggestions.

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    Re: Senior lawyer asking me to fight his case on his behalf

    hay friend....

    >>have faith in yourself and be confident about the case
    >>as it will be helpful for you to fight the next cases
    >>and take as much as help you want from your senior member
    >> do not worry about winning the case just participate in it
    >> you will know the difference about yourself

    i think my information will encourage you,,,,,
    thank you.

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    Re: Senior lawyer asking me to fight his case on his behalf

    Hi aspirant

    You should definitely help the senior lawyer and fight his case on his behalf as in this way you will doing a good deed to him and thus he will also help you whenever you will want it. Also you will gain experience from fighting his case which you can never gain from your books. This first hand experience will certainly be useful to you in the future and then you will be happy when you think about it later.

    So even if you are not confident , give your best shot at this and I am sure you will definitely do something that will ,make your senior lawyer proud of you. You will certainly be able to win his heart, even if you don't win the case.And also that the experience which you will gain will also be very useful to you in your future career. So friend you should not miss this chance and if you have confidence in yourself then you will surely do the best you can.

    Good luck.I hope you take the right decision. Thanks

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    Re: Senior lawyer asking me to fight his case on his behalf


    I myself being a law student will suggest you to take this case as a challenge.I can understand that you are extremely nervous and anxious at the same time.But if you can have confidence and take it then this can be your stepping stone towards a big success.If you can bring the case in your favour it will not only make your career graph high but also increase your confidence to a great extent.Yes,at the same time it isnt easy all to bring the case in your favour.You take all possible help from your senior,make the brief and prepare yourself for the challenge.If you fear and back out,then you wont be able to shine as an eminent lawyer.

    All the best!

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