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    Senior co-worker expects us to call him for all our parties

    We have a very happy go lucky team at the office and often have impromptu get togethers after office. Thanks to social media updates we often arrange the get togethers on social platforms. One of our senior co workers expects us to send him a special invite every time which is not possible. How do we avoid him?

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    Re: Senior co-worker expects us to call him for all our parties

    Your situation is a typical case of how to say a 'NO' to anyone. This is something that people working in the corporate sector need to imbibe. I am glad that your work culture is such that you manage to organzie impromptu get togethers. This kind of culture not only helps to unite the team but also helps to create an amicable environment at the work place. As far as facing the problem of not being able to send a special invite to the senior co worker is concerned then you should tell him that the party was planned impromptu and noone was informed before hand. You can also state that your work schedule was such that it was too hectic for you at work and hence you did not have time to send special invites.

    This would ensure that your senior co worker doesn't feel that he wasn't left out on purpose. At the same time it will also give him a vague idea that all of you do not send out special invites to anyone. It is just an impromptu thing. If you continue this for a 2 or 3 times then your senior would understand that it is not that you don't invite him on purpose but it is just that you people do not like to create a formal atmosphere for your post office get togethers.

    Incase you do not despise the company of the senior then you can mention to him that whenever he finds out about the get together he can join without any hesitation. This would make him feel good. You can also tell him that he should be a more frequent user of the social media. I am sure that this minor issue of yours would be sorted out and you will keep enjoying your work!

    All the best!

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    Re: Senior co-worker expects us to call him for all our parties

    Hello, I can understand your situation.You have to consider certain things and maintain certain protocols since you are working in the same company.I will suggest you to maintain good relation with the person as he is senior to you and both of you work in ths same office.It is necessary to keep good relation with every collegue.You can send him texts or mails while arranging any party as he is not accustomed with social networking.Sending text or mail wont take much time oe hassle.I will ask you to keep good relation with him as it may help you in office in future.

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