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    Scared of not getting my maternity leave

    I am working in a software company. I am 6 months pregnant now and want to avail my maternity leave. But the thing is that I have already a lot of leaves for my sisterís and a friendís wedding in the past 1 month. Now I am really scared that my manager will not sanction my maternity leave or fire me from the job. What steps should I take in this situation?

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    Re: Scared of not getting my maternity leave

    Hi aspirant

    One has to face many such difficult situations in life where one should not be scared and try to fight them bravely. You haven't done anything wrong and so you should not be scared of anything. It is pure chance that all these events- your sister's and friend's wedding, your pregnancy - had to happen together and thus you had to take so many leaves together. So its not your fault and you should not feel guilty for the same.I am sure your manager will definitely understand your situation.

    As for your maternity leave, you have the right to avail it like any other female employee who is pregnant and I am sure your manager will have no objection to that. You should speak to him and he will definitely understand your situation. Tell him that you want to avail your maternity leave now as you are 6 months pregnant. You know that you have taken many leaves in the past 1 month but you will surely make up for it when you come back. It was pure chanced that you had to take all these leaves together. You hope that he will understand you.

    I am sure your manager will give you the green signal. Take proper care and eat healthy. Take proper rest and don't take any stress at all. Hoping for your safe delivery. Good luck and Congratulations

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