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    Is SAP course useful from the professional point of view?

    Recently my college declared of sending students for doing SAP course in an institute in Bangalore. They are saying it is of great value from professional point of view especially in software firms. In return,the college is also charging money for the course. Should I go for the course? Is SAP useful?

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    Re: Is SAP course useful from the professional point of view?

    SAP course is one of the most demanding course in modern world of Information Technology.After completion of the SAP course,you can look for lucrative IT jobs like ABAP Programmer, SAP Tester, SAP Consultant etc.Most of the reputed IT companies like Infosys, IBM, Accenture, HCL Technologies etc. have their own division for SAP consulting and ABAP programming.

    Unlike other certification course on Software Development, SAP certification has got more scope as it can enable the aspirants to look for the job of SAP Consultant. The profession of SAP Consultant is considered as the most lucrative career in IT field due to high salary range of more than Rs. 13, 00,000/- per annum on an average. By doing certification courses like ASP.NET, Java etc, one can become ASP.NET developer or Java Programmer and earn a salary up to Rs. 8,00, 000 per annum. Besides this reason, there are various SAP Consultant jobs such as Business/Sales consultant, SAP Functional Consultant, Developer consultant and SAP Basis consultant.

    Candidates can switch into any of these jobs and gain experience to become a highly paid SAP consultant. But in the case of Software Programmer, years of experience is required to enter into highly paid designation like Senior Project Manager, Senior Project Consultant etc.

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