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    Sales manager refuses to accept my resignation with notice period

    One of the high flying colleagues in our office has put his papers for resignation. He has received great offer from another company. The sales manager in our company refuses to accept the resignation letter along with provision for notice period. Without the notice period, almost 3 months salary will be slashed. How can this be dealt?

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    Re: Sales manager refuses to accept my resignation with notice period

    It is good to know that one of your colleagues have received good job offer from another company.However it is not right on his part to give a sudden resignation to the present company.There is a proper procedure of everything in the professional world and one is expected to follow that being a professional.He should definitely give some time as notice period to the company to think on this matter and then declare the decision.Sudden resignation should be avoided in the professional arena.

    However,on the part of the manager,he should not slash the three months salary as he served these three months with hard work to the present company.Hence he must understand his condition and allow him.Here are certain suggestions for your colleague.

    -Ask him to talk on this matter regarding this issue.
    -Explain him the why he was unable to give a notice period.
    -Try to make him understand the condition of your colleague and the hard work that he had put in in the last three months.
    -Request him to grant the resignation.
    -Request him to not cut the salary for the three months.
    -If still he does not shifts from his point of view,consult a lawyer in this case.

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