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    Salary structure after B.Com?

    what will be the salary structure after b.com.or how can I apply for campus selection.? Can some tell me please that what is the salary structure after b.com

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    Re: Salary structure after B.Com?

    There are many job opportunities now a days for a graduate in commerce. You can find job openings in both private and public organisation.

    In public organisations you can find openings time to time on ssc website and also in various job portals and magazines like employment news.

    The average salary varies between 8-12 thousand for a commerce fresh graduate that can increase depending upon the companies you are

    applying and also with the experience you have.

    Campus selections are little less for such courses as mostly the companies advertise for the openings when they have the requirement.

    So it is better that you look in job portals, news papers, magazines and companies website in there career options and apply for the same.

    Alternatively you can also find jobs other than your core subjects like in openings that requires graduate students like you can give exams of

    government organisations like Combine graduate level exams, bank p.o's etc where you can have much higher pay around 16-25 thousand rupees.

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    Re: Salary structure after B.Com?


    after commerce graduate salary for fresher in pvt is very low. If you work with chartered accountant for 6 to 12 month you can become good knowldge of accounts. This experience is very important for you and after this experience you can get 10 thousand + salary in good reputed firm and also eligible for part time accounts.

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    Re: Salary structure after B.Com?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    what will be the salary structure after b.com.or how can I apply for campus selection.? Can some tell me please that what is the salary structure after b.com
    Today's world is of specialization

    You can get the job but for good job you should try to do masters in the subject from

    the reputed institution.

    Delhi university is very reputed institution but for doing masters in any subject related

    to the commerce you should Clear the entrance exam conduct by the Delhi university.

    Entrance Exam usually consist Questions on English,Reasoning, Aptitude and on General Awareness.




    After doing your master you can expect 20000/- to 40000/- per month Starting Salary.

    (A lot is depend on your personal qualities and skills)

    I hope this information will help you a lot.

    All the best...............

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    Re: Salary structure after B.Com?

    If you have completed B.Com as your bachelor's degree and wanna apply for campus recruitment process then you need to keep in touch with all those authorities in your college and in some other colleges that are made to conduct campus recruitment process in your college and call various companies in the campus recruitment and mostly you should try to be in touch during the final semester of the session because this is the session when the companies comes and hire various eligible candidates for different type of jobs

    So many companies are there which conduct examination for jobs but some of the companies are there which recruit directly through interview process so you should be ready for both of these steps and keep your preparation continue for placement examination and interview with group discussion process and mainly you should focus on general awareness and mathematics for placement examination but you are from B.Com streams so you need to focus on computer and commerce subject to get qualified and also prepare for interview under the guidance of any successful candidate

    If you once get the job then your salary will be based on the size of the company means what is the turn over of the company and how many employees are working in that company and how much they are getting paid for job and also depends on the post of your job means what post you get after completing B.com in a company and basically your salary will be as :

    Basic payout - 15000 INR + Rent + Petrol + Travel Allowances

    Other Companies - 17500-20000 - No Accommodation, No rent, No Travel etc.

    But if you want to increase the payout of your job then you need to increase your qualification with some good general knowledge about business and corporation industries and must have good proficiency over computer operation with certificate of diploma

    All the best

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