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    Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?

    I am working in a small firm. Ours is a decent company with a good work environment and caring management but the problem is we donít get any salary hike here. I found this job after a lot of struggle so didnít want to give it up that time. But now I think I should certainly change my job and join where there are salary hikes are available. So do you think that getting salary hikes and thus progressing in one single company is better than frequent changing of jobs due to no hike in salary? Please guide me in the proper direction.

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    Sai Deep Array
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    Re: Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?


    It is completely your decision
    if you are staying in the same company and still want to continue with your career growth then you can stay in the company.
    You have a caring management
    so if you like the work and satisfied with the work environment then you can stay there.
    But if you think that you have aquired enough experience and you want a salary hike then you can prefer changing the job
    so this all depends on you.
    you can discuss this with youur friends and ask for their advice.

    Thank you

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    Re: Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?

    It depends on the concerned employee.If there is job satisfaction in one company and the company also provides salary hikes then working in a single company is indeed a better option.There are various advantages of working in one single company.

    -You need not adjust to new working environment which will happen during change of job.
    -You will be familiar with the work culture.
    -There will be strong bond between the company and you.
    -You will be able to communicate with the other employees freely.
    -You will be respected as a Senior Employee.
    -Overall you will have a settled professional life.

    So it is indeed a good option to change company only for better prospects but you have to keep in mind that you have to adjust to a new environment and culture,thus start a new journey in your professional career from the beginning.If you are well satisfied with the present company,then you should not leave.For salary hike,you can speak to the higher authority.

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    Re: Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?

    Hi aspirant

    It would be certainly best for you if you can find a good paying job with the provision of salary hike and thus good growth opportunities. There you can get good job stability plus job security which will certainly be better for your future than frequent change of jobs by which you are not going to gain anything as there will be no growth for you. So friend think what is the best for your future and then only take the final decision. This concerns your future and thus you should give it a lot of time before taking the final decision.

    So friend start searching for good jobs from now onwards where you can get good salary hike and also where your future will be secure. Take the help of newspapers or search online like naukri.com, indiatimes.com, monster.com etc. You can upload your resume and then you can get some options matching your reqiuirements. Select the best out of them and then I am sure you will be able to find a good job matching your calibre and with the provision of salary hikes.

    Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?

    look, if you are not paid enough then it will definitely result frustration and further result in decreasing your potential of doing work. I think you should change your company. Before changing, you should built a good experience in hand then go for new one.

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    Re: Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?


    As you said our present company is not providing any salary hike, them you can change your job obviously if you want.
    But you should join only those company which gives salary hike and good payment.
    This will make you more stable and again you will not suffer.
    You must get full information about the new company which you will be joining, its progress, salary of the employees and the salary hike they receive every year.
    If the conditions are like what you want , then you can change your job, there is no harm.
    But do not change job frequently for small increment in salary.


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    Re: Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?

    Dear if you are not getting any hikes in the salary after being experienced and working for years in that company so first of all you should not think about to leave the job because there is no company which does not provides hikes in the salary and if you want to confirm the situation then you may go to any higher posted employee or your senior employee about hikes in the salary and if they say that they have got hikes then you should learn trick to maintain good performance to get hikes but if they say that there is no system of salary hikes in the company then you may think about to resign but this is not easy to do in such situation

    You may ask for your right because you are working and you deserve for increment according to your working experience so directly meet to your boss or employer and ask about your performance and if they say that you are doing well then you should ask for increment in your salary or incentives etc. because this is your right that may be asked anywhere so if your boss say that you will get it so ask for duration that when you will receive because you want it soon and can not tolerate until you get it and if say that you will get no increment in salary so you should not say anything to your boss and think about to leave the job because same will happen in future

    After that you should find out recruitment of various companies for related posts that you are on, then apply for jobs and also take help of some related persons in your company because officials has more details about new jobs so they may also help you in this situation and will provide you some details about new jobs and when you get confirmation letter from any company for a good job then you should resign means do not resign before getting appointment letter

    Once you must read all the rules and regulations of that new company and also see about increment chances in salary and about promotion for next senior post, projects and turn over of that company because these things are mandatory then only you should join that company and develop your skills before facing interview and show your experience in right manner that this may be helpful for that company so you will definitely get job

    All the best

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    Re: Are salary hikes better than change of jobs?

    Re: Are salary hikes than change of jobs?

    Hi friend,

    I think you can change your company
    You can take the good salaries hikes and good payments also
    You can improve your experience
    You can also improve your hard work

    all the best..........

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