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    Salary deduction for company development fund

    The HR manager has announced deduction of an amount from our salaries for the company’s development fund. I want to question the deduction as nowhere in the corporate field such a deduction happens. Please suggest a procedure.

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    Re: Salary deduction for company development fund

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should definitely question such a deduction as it is pure injustice on the part of your company to have their own way without even taking the employees' opinion on the same. If they wanted to make a policy wherein a fixed amount would be deducted from employee's salary for the company's development fund, then they should have first atleast taken the opinion of the employees on the same and would have thus decided the matter according to how the majority of employees felt about it.

    You should go and talk to your HR regarding this matter. Tell him that your company has decided to deducted a certain amount from your salary for the company's development fund. You don't think it is fair as nowhere in the corporate field, such a deduction happens. Thus you along with all the employees want them to withdraw this policy as it has led to dissatisfaction among all the employees which is not good for the company.

    I am sure your manager will understand your point and thus reconsider the whole matter from the employee's point of view. In this way the decision will be definitely taken into your favour if the company realises the importance of its employees. Good luck

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