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    Salary and benefits of a Lecturer? Chances of promotion?

    I want to know what salary and benefit get a lecturer and promotion chances of him

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    Re: Salary and benefits of a Lecturer? Chances of promotion?

    1)Salary of a lecturer changes from college to college it is not fixed that is it all depends whether you are in private or government college.
    2)It has the range from 8000 to 12000 in government colleges.
    3)It depend in private colleges how much they will give you but In good private colleges the salary of lecturer ranges from 35000 to 50000.
    4)Apart from above salary you also get DA, HRA, Medical, PF etc.
    1)First of all you will get a subject that you like the most and that you can teach.
    2)You get benefits like insurance,retirement saving that is not easily gettable now in other jobs this is important in economy point of view.
    3)You can share your ideas,opinions and passion to your students.
    1) Promotion in lecturer is first depend on experience if you have more experience you will easily be promoted.
    2) Academic result of students and the subject which you taught that helps in your promotion.
    Thank u....

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    Re: Salary and benefits of a Lecturer? Chances of promotion?

    Lecturer are the persons that deliver a lecture they could be experienced or not
    Salary depends upon your experience and expertise in the subject and can range from 20,000 to 35000
    Benefits of lecturer includes an easy (as compared to other company oriented jobs)and respective job with a good pay.

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    Re: Salary and benefits of a Lecturer? Chances of promotion?


    --Teaching Profession is one of the Most Respective Profession--


    --The Salary Packages varies depends on the Institutions--

    --In Case of Government Firm your Package will be Quite High (25k-40k)--

    --The Private Institute will also Pay Acceptable Pay in the range of 12k-25k--

    --The Packages may reach peak when your Professional Experience is More--


    --The Benefits of Lecturer is mostly for Females--

    --It is Less Stress Work for them compare to other Jobs--

    --Job Satisfaction of Educating others will be there--

    --As said before it is the Most Respected Profession--


    --If the Performance is Good you will be Promoted to Next Level--

    --The Next Level may be High Authority In Management Level & So on--

    --Moving to Peak in this Field keeps you settle with much Comfort--

    --Promotion with Seniority Position + Salary Hike--


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