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    Rude behaviour of boss due to my ignorance to his weird behaviour

    I am a female and working in sales department. My boss was reacting very weirdly from last few months but I never entertained him on his behaviour. Now when he failed with his attempts he scolds me in front of everybody and poses a rude behaviour. What shall I do?

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    Re: Rude behaviour of boss due to my ignorance to his weird behaviour

    Hello sir
    I think it a ridiculous behavior on you by your boss. I think as my point of view you should have to talk to your boss and said sir please dont do this type of behavior over me because it also affect my mentality that this is my final warning to you that stop this type of stupidity over me otherwise I will immediately quit from this company.
    I hope may be your boss will change your behavior.
    Best of luck

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    Re: Rude behaviour of boss due to my ignorance to his weird behaviour

    As you said that your boss is having a rude behaviour against you even after your success, there may be some issues that he dont like according to you so better for you to go through these points that i have mentioned below.
    One obvious question on your mind is the way to build your boss like you? candidly, as a contemporary entrant within the job market, creating your boss such as you isnt tough. It simply takes slightly good judgment. So, the way to build your boss like you? Lets begin with a number of obvious ones.

    1. raise after you don't understand
    Never assume things. ne'er assume however things ar done or have to be compelled to be done. after you aren't clear continuously raise.

    You probably assume, wouldnt that build Pine Tree State look bad? Well, what's worst? as a result of you assumed you bought the work wrong and pay longer correcting it or asking to clarify?

    2. Take Initiative
    Asking after you don't understand doesn't mean that you simply cannot take initiatives.

    In fact, you ought to learn to require initiatives once the requirement arise or once the chance presents itself.

    Is there one thing which will be done higher or ought to be attended to however nobody found the time to attend thereto. raise to be the one guilty and confirm you see through the initiative you've got taken.

    3. Be associate Ever gift facilitate
    Be there whenever assistance is required. Is there a project that will would like a lot of hands? Take the initiative to elicit a task.

    Your boss can appreciate the additional facilitate. notwithstanding your assistance is not required, your boss would a minimum of understand you're willing to contribute. this can be one in every of the best ways that on the way to build your boss such as you.

    4. build Your Boss Look smart
    Now, that doesnt mean you are taking blame for things that get it wrong. It are often one thing as straightforward as getting ready the background to a gathering she is attending. during this case, make sure that she has the pertinent data required to possess a productive meet.

    5. keep Out Of hassle
    Do not get entangled in workplace politics. don't gossip. don't speak unwell regarding alternative colleagues be it in your team or otherwise. Not solely can you suffer for your own words and actions, your boss can too. produce smart operating relationships across departments. otherwise on the way to build your boss such as you is to remain out and avoid giving your boss any hassle. after you attend your boss with challenges you face, continuously bring 2 to a few resolutions and state your most popular solution to the challenge you're facing.

    6. Be sort of a Dry Sponge
    Soak up the operating culture around you. Learn the operating forms of your colleagues and the way you'll realize competitive advantage for yourself. Observe however personnel dynamics add the workplace - like WHO will get things done as a result of their influence. Become a fast learner of everything.

    7. acquire Cues Of however Your Boss Works
    Learn, observe and raise however your boss likes things done. the simplest person to raise is your boss and people nearest to him.

    Learn from others mistakes once they work together with your boss. folks can complain once the boss reprimands them, which is that the best time to find out what doesnt go down well with the boss.
    8. No Job could be a unhealthy Job
    People wish to decide and select jobs or comes allotted to them. They {choose to|prefer to|like better to|value a lot of highly to|favor to|opt to} believe that some have more price than others.

    To an exact extent that's true. however it's additionally true that bosses understand WHO ar those WHO ar sincere in serving to and uses these opportunities to find out. No assignments ar unhealthy at associate early level. each project is a chance to find out.

    Take the assignment from your boss gracefully and do your best. it'll not go neglected.

    9. Dont attempt to depart With Things
    When you build a blunder, come back off clean and don't attempt to hide. Thats a technique on the way to build your boss such as you. Dont attempt to depart with things additionally means that don't do your work by testing however very little effort will it would like.

    Some folks ar continuously attempting to urge get rid of with the smallest amount attainable effort and at a passable rate solely. try for excellence in everything that you simply do. Let the standard of your work shine. Your boss can understand.

    10. Be Early
    Or ought to I say - if you would like to understand the way to build your boss such as you, be prompt. typically this will mean be early at work. don't crop up for work later than your boss. after you leave for the day, let your boss understand you're feat and raise if something has to be attended either that day itself or following day.

    Of course, there ar more ways that on however you'll build your boss such as you. These ar a number of people who will work simply.

    Like everything in life, you wish to try to to this sincerely so as for it to figure.

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