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    Rude behaviour of boss with 6 months pregnant employee

    I am 6 months pregnant and my feet have started swelling and I am unable to stand for long durations. I have explained this to my boss but he keeps me standing for long durations especially when we are on site. I don’t want to appear rude. What do I do?

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    Re: Rude behaviour of boss with 6 months pregnant employee

    Hi buddy

    Your boss should certainly have a understanding of what he is doing and have some sense in his head to treat pregnant employees. If his wife was in your place then should he have behaved like this. I think he is completely inhuman and has no moral sense at all. He should atleast make you sit on a chair and take care of you if he wants you to work. You should not withstand such injustice and tell him straight that you are pregnant and cant stand for long time due to your feet swelling. Tell someone to bring a chair for you when you go on site and dont go if there is no chair available.

    Also i think you should avail your maternity leave now as you can do so 3 months before your date your delivery. Take proper care of yourself and your baby at this stage of your pregnancy. Eat healthy and more than normal. Take complete rest now and dont stress at all. Talk to your manager and avail your maternity leave now. He will surely guide you in the proper direction. Go to your boss and tell him straight that he should try to understand your problem and not tell you to stand for such long period. Tell him that you are going to avail your maternity leave now and will only come to office once your leave is over.

    Dont let him take advantage of you and take proper care of yourself. Good luck and God Bless

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    Re: Rude behaviour of boss with 6 months pregnant employee

    hello madamI am quite nervous after reading your critical condition.I have sympathy to you.You said That your boss is not listening or caring about your condition then it is very very inhuman sense.I think he has not heart so sympathy word is not in his mind or body.if you are a permanent employees then you can go to maternity leaves.i think you should take your maternity leave right because you have a legal right to it.You should Take proper care eating so take healthy food in lunch or dinner.Take complete rest.I think you should go to your boss and tell him directly without any hasitation.may be he should will try to understand your problem and will give priority on working site.you also remembered him that you are going to taking maternity leave right now.I think he/she will accept your praposal.all the best for your coming new born baby.thanks

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    Re: Rude behaviour of boss with 6 months pregnant employee

    well this is critical situation, your boss should have some sense that how to behave to a lady who is pregnant. i have sympathy for you. your boss behaviour is really bad. first of all you should talk to your boss about your situation. and still if he is behaving like a moron then you can take your maternity leave, as this will affect the health of your sweet baby. so take care of health , eat proper food, juices , take rest. do not take any kind of mental pressure. give priority to your baby and health rather that to work at this time. you can take maternity leave right now . good luck for future

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    Re: Rude behaviour of boss with 6 months pregnant employee

    hello mam

    It is so sad to hear your problem and at the same time i am angry with your boss ,how a man can be so rude and inhumane.

    See as you are 6 months pregnant women so i would suggest that you shouldn't work at all rather you should take leave and rest at your home,this is the to take proper rest ,eat healthy food and not to do any physical work at all,also you should consult to your doctor and tell him whether you are in condition to go to office,you should also not travel because any type jerk can affect your baby.

    you should go to your boss and talk about it,also ask him for the maternity leave .you have the right to take the leave so don't hesitate at all and go directly to your boss and talk about the matter.

    all the best
    thank you.

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