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    Restriction on wearing burka (hijab) for a Muslim teacher working in a private school

    I am a Muslim woman. I have appointed as a teacher in a private school. I am very religious. I want to wear burka as it is an important thing for hijab. But the school management is not allowing me to do this. There is no rules & regulations about dress code in appointment letter.

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    Re: Restriction on wearing burka (hijab) for a Muslim teacher working in a private school

    You can not wear a burka at private sector.You can not do anything against school management.It's all the school rules & regulation.If school management & authority not allow to you to wear a burka ,then you should not.If you do not like that then you should leave the school and join other school where it is allowed.

    According to school management ,It's not religious place.It's for education and they do not want such a things in education.so , they don't allow at the school.
    You can wear the burka just outside the school.but when enter in the school , you should wear out it from your face & remain simply.then school management don't take any step against you and your job remain safe and you can also remain religious.
    And if you don't then there is no other way and you should leave your job and join the new job at school at where burka wearing is allowed.

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    Re: Restriction on wearing burka (hijab) for a Muslim teacher working in a private school

    Hi..Firstly try to find out properly whether there is such a restriction regarding the dress code for a teacher in your school..And if you are right and there is no such restriction you should speak to your school management regarding the same ..Tell them you want to follow your religious beliefs and should be allowed to wear a Burka and also there is no such rule in the school policies..Try to convince them that there is no harm in this and you should have freedom to do this..

    I hope they will consider your situation and allow you to join the job..But if they are still adamant and dont allow you to wear a burka, its better you find another job in another school where they give you freedom to do what you want..

    Your right should never be taken from you..Always remember this.. Be brave and fight for you right..

    Good luck.. Thanks

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    Re: Restriction on wearing burka (hijab) for a Muslim teacher working in a private school

    Hello Friend !!

    I would request you to come out from the Religious beliefs and formalities.

    Wearing the clothes as per your religion in School doesn't look nice.

    This might also develop the racism among the students of your class.

    As you are a Teacher, you should make aware of the all these things to your students.

    In a school, there will be certain Rules and Regulations which must and should be followed by everyone.

    And all those rules might not be included in the Appointment Letter.

    It would be better if you follow those rules to create a right awareness in the School and among childrens.

    Else, you can join as Teacher in the Schools which are running under Muslim Minorities where you can wear Burka all the day.

    Good Luck !!

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