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    Resignation accepted but on conditional base

    I working in one reputed organisation past 4 years as a stores jr. Officer and I have got an offer as a HOD in other organisation. As per company rules I have given resignation with one month notice period and served. Our Unit head accepted the resignation with conditional. That condition as below with history of scandal.
    1) Six months back had one scandal of dealing diesel, some persons involved in this scandal and organisation made a FIR against them and still inquiring going.
    2) One vehicle was out without weighment in March 2012 and I have prepared the GRN as per practice after acknowledge by the accounts dept who are dealt the all things related to diesel.
    3) Organisation issue the notice in the name of our HOD and he answered for the same. Thereafter we have not received any query.
    4) My resign has accepted by company but saying dues will be clear after police investigation and I have to attend whenever they call for inquiry and same will be mention in my relieving order.
    5) So I have requested that I required clear relieving order without mentioning above query in the order and for that purpose I am ready to give undertaking on stamp papers and I will be present whenever required for inquiry.

    Plz suggest me to how to reply the mail against "resign accepted but on conditional base" and really I am the part of this scandal when our HOD is still working there.

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