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    Rejoining still pending after maternity leave

    I was on maternity leave and the company owners had promised me rejoining. It has been 5 months that I have informed them but nothing happened. Should I re-stir the matter with the HR department?

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    Re: Rejoining still pending after maternity leave

    Hi friend

    Every female employee has the right to take maternity leave for 6 months during her pregnancy period, 3 months before the expected date of delivery and 3 months after that. So its your right for taking the maternity leave and your company has no right to take away your job . Thus you should not beg for rejoining and have the right to go back to your company as a employee and take your previous position as before. Thus of course you should re-stir this matter with your HR department and tell them that you will be rejoining exactly after coming back from your maternity leave.

    Your HR dept should tell you about the rules and regulations of the Maternity leave Act and not mislead you by misinforming you that you have to rejoin after the maternity leave. You have just have to come back and take up your previous position and not complete any formalities of rejoining the company. So you should certainly make it clear with your HR dept and learn the proper rules and regulations of the Maternity benefits act.

    I hope you understand my point friend. Dont let your company take advantage of you and thus deal with this situation in a proper manner. Take whatever is your right and dont let them go against any rules and regulations. I hope you get your job back soon. Good luck and God Bless

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