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    Refusing to follow directions from new boss

    Two of the team members from my team are not following the directions from the new boss. As a result our whole team output is suffering. We donít have any problems with the new boss, she is actually very nice and understanding but those two spoil the mood for everybody. How can we make them understand?

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    Madhu M Array
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    Re: Refusing to follow directions from new boss

    Hi.. I think your team members should realise that having team spirit and doing teamwork is the only way to complete your task successfully ..They should have atleast have some sense and try to help their team members than to disrupt their work and cause their tasks to suffer..Following your boss' orders is certainly very important to complete your task successfully as your boss is your guide and thus he should be obeyed and respected..You should not think of your boss as a dictator but as your guide or friend..

    Thus you talk to those team mebers directly and try to put sense in their heads..Firstly ask them what is their problem with the boss as you think that the boss is a very nice person..And whatever the problem is they should try to solve it amicably rather than let it create hindrance in their work..Tell them that their irresponsible behaviour is spoiling the mood of everyone and causing thier team to suffer..They should not let their personal issues affect the team work and should try to develop team spirit..I am sure if you give them this lecture they will certainly understand their mistakes and hopefully will improve upon their behaviour..This will make your team effort successful and hopefully you will then taste sucess in your every task...

    Also if they dont understand this , then talk to your boss and ask her to remove them from your team..

    Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Refusing to follow directions from new boss

    hello questioner you are quite right that team management is key to complete your work smoothly.You should talk with those employees who are not accepting rules and directions from new boss.a better understanding can solve many critical problems hence it is not so critical.If related employees do not accept your preposal then you should meet to boss and put all problems those you are facing currently.Because there is only one way to solve this problem 'suspended 'So try to drive this indifferent task and feel comfortable.best of luck

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