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    Redundancy day is during holiday period, will I get full pay or the holiday pay?

    My redundancy date falls during the holiday period. since during the two weeks of holiday period we get less pay because of reduced working hours. Now i am worried whether I will get full pay for the time before redundancy or I will get the reduced pay for the time I work during the holidays?

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    Re: Redundancy day is during holiday period, will I get full pay or the holiday pay?

    Hi friend

    I think the pay you will get during the redundancy period if you have to work during the holidays will depend upon the company's policies and this varies from company to company. So you should ask your manager or the HR regarding the same and I am sure they will guide you in the right direction. In my opinion you are certainly eligible for the full pay for the redundancy notice period without any exceptions. So either your company should give you full pay if they want you to serve the notice period during the holidays or they should ask you to serve the notice period after the holidays so that you are eligible for full pay.So you should not let such injustice happen to you and try to fight for your right. Firstly they are making you redundant and now they are paying you less by keeping your notice period during the holidays.I dont think that this is fair as you also have to take care of your family and their needs and thus should be given enough money for that.

    Ofcourse you should fight for it. But also at the same time instead of taking unnecessary tension for this matter, you should concentrate more on finding a good job for yourself in the interim before your notice period ends,so that you can atleast secure your future and along with that the future of your family. So i hope you understand my point friend.Recession is the main reason for these laying offs happening in many companies now-a-days all over our country. But it doesn't mean that you lose heart. Try to do the best you can in finding with such circumstances.

    Good luck and God Bless

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