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    Redundancy after 2 months of promotion

    I am really in a fix. I have working for my present company for the last 7 years and was given a promotion about 2 months back. Day before yesterday the company management informed me that I am to be made redundant since my position is no longer viable with the company. I asked them why they didnít tell me this sooner and they said it is a matter of regular review. What should I do?

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    Madhu M Array
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    Re: Redundancy after 2 months of promotion

    Hi friend

    I think it was really unfortunate that you lost your job so soon after getting promotion just 2 months back. Its purely hard luck that you have to be in such a situation . But of course you should not be dejected and I think you should ask your management regarding the reason you have to be made redundant just after being given a promotion 2 months ago. Of course they should have told you sooner so that you could have searched for some job in the meantime . Now of course you will be at a disadvantage now as you would take some time in finding a job.

    So you go and make everything clear with your manager regarding the reason for your redundancy even after your good performance and also whether you have to serve the notice period or not. Then start searching for a job soon. Search through all the newspapers and also search on the internet on various websites like indiatimes.com, monster.com, naukri.com etc. Dont be dejected but have confidence in your abilities to find a good job for yourself. Also prepare well for your interview so that you can get a good job.

    Thus friend always hope for the best and I am sure that you have a bright future ahead.Best of luck friend . God Bless

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    Re: Redundancy after 2 months of promotion


    * I think you must accept the proposal of company.
    * Now search for different company.
    * You will get the company soon as you are much experienced.
    * So make a resume and apply for job.
    * When you will get a better job then shift there.

    Do not get frightened nor be disappointed now....
    Good luck for your future.....


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    Re: Redundancy after 2 months of promotion

    Since Management has told you that your current position is no longer available in the company, you should ask the management to shift you to some other department.

    You have to tell them that you have been working in this company for last 7 years and also was doing well and due to this only you were also given promotion.

    If Management does not agree to shift you to different department, than you have to ask them to give you two months notice period, so that you can look for another job in the market.
    Since you ahve good experience, you would be able to find a good job in the market

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