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    Is it really needed to have good English being a Marketing personnel?

    Wanted to apply for the Marketing personnel job as I am not able to find any other good jobs for me but is it really needed to have a good English to apply for the job? I am not that well verse with English. Will I get the job or not? Can you please give me some advice for the getting the job too? Thanks.

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    Re: Is it really needed to have good English being a Marketing personnel?

    Hi..I certainly think that good and effective communication skills are required to be a good marketing personnel..And as you know today most of the conversation is done in English, thus all such companies which require marketing personnel want them to be good and fluent in English..As you know the basic job of the marketing personnel is to interact with various people so as to persuade them to buy your products, so you certainly need to have good communication and english speaking skills for getting such a job..The companies will always prefer to employ those with better communication skills..So you should have clarity and fluency of language both if you want to make a mark in this kind of job..

    So if you really are intersted try to improve your english speaking skills by joining a coaching institute which i think is the fastest and most efficient way to improve yourself..Otherwise try to find a suitable job which does not require such skills depending upon your qualifications..Till then you can do some part time job for earning some money..

    Have confidence in yourself and i am sure you will have a bright future..Good luck friend

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