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    Is it really necessary to be well versed in general knowledge before going to an interview for a technical job?

    I am Technology student and preparing for the recruitment process that will be held from next month onwards. I know that General Knowledge is very important for competitive exams but is it the same for attending interview in Technical job posts? I am studying my previous year important subjects and all the branch subjects. I do not have enough time to learn and mug up all the activities that are taking place as my mind already filled up with the subject contents. What do I need to do for the General Knowledge part?

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    Re: Is it really necessary to be well versed in general knowledge before going to an interview for a technical job?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, we are living in an era dominated by knowledge. Knowledge is power and it gives you huge opportunity to know your surroundings better. It can act as tool in the hands of a professional. So, you have to enhance your knowledge skills. General knoledge skills is very important these days. But unfortunately there is no magic pill for general knowledge you have to start from zero. You should start reading the following mazaing, news papers and watch TV channels,

    Competition Master
    Competition Success
    Monoroma Year Book
    Encylopedia Britanica
    Times of India
    Economic Times
    Harvard Business Review


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    Re: Is it really necessary to be well versed in general knowledge before going to an interview for a technical job?

    Dear if you are preparing for recruitment process from technical field then you should know that General Knowledge, General Awareness and Current Affairs is the major subject in recruitment process and it may be any of the Private or Government sector, you should have proficiency in general awareness and current highlight issues that is why you will be preferred by the committee because they want to check the Awareness of the candidate towards the society and the world that does he/she has knowledge about the atmosphere that what is happening all around so they find a part in the candidate that whether he is eligible for job or not and there are so many stages in the interview process but you must have completed your general knowledge well because you will be asked something and if you do not want to learn more about past and exact GK then you should cover at least Current Affairs and Social Issues to get some idea about the current world so you will feel good in this case when you will go to appear for interview process and this will make you confident because knowledges gives us confidence so to gain that you should get more knowledge

    You should complete all the subjects that you have studied before because you will be asked then prepare for personal things that are your - Hobbies and Interests, Choices in Life, Views and Imagination about the Future and its plan so everything should be good and make your answers as no one could ask you anything again over that issue then only you will be called a deserving candidate for job and before facing interview you should meet any expert and take advices about this process whether you are eligible to crack or not so they will give you some extra advices and general things to remember in this process and you should follow that everything and there are so many monthly magazines are available that will be enough for you to collect more knowledge and do not think that your mind is already full with the details of technical subjects you should do it and get the job

    Success Mirror
    Chronicle Current Affairs
    The Hindu Daily News Paper
    Pratiyogita Darpan

    All the best

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