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    Questions asked in the interview conducted by BARC to mechanical students

    I am a graduate in mechanical engineering I have been qualified in the written exam of BARC. Now I will be applying for interview in BARC. As I am inexperienced regarding the BARCís interview,so it will be very helpful if you kindly say what are the questions that are usually asked in the interviews conducted by the BARC.

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    Re: Questions asked in the interview conducted by BARC to mechanical students

    They just ask for very basic questions of Intermediate (12th) level and want to check the basic understanding. Almost all the questions are practical questions no direct relation with the knowledge of core technical. In this way they look for the way you approach to solve a problem. Because the post they offer you is scientific officersí post. This is a research oriented job that requires the great skills and knowledge to solve a real practical problem. So, this was a basic idea about the interview. now the questions are generally asked in the BARC interview exam are
    1:-what is computer adited design
    2:-what is inside the space between between two grain boundaries ( vacuum or gas).
    3:-what will the boundary conditions , forces etc.
    4:-how will you analysisi the critical pressure vessel , draw the basic elementary of symmetry
    5:-oquestions related to thermodynamics and heat transfer subject also.

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