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    Provision to provide employees entertaining health services

    Professions had made our lives so hectic that we canít even think of doing anything without planning. In this hectic schedule are there any provisions for employees for free entertaining health services like providing GYM for both males and females. Are there such provisions?

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    Re: Provision to provide employees entertaining health services

    No doubts , a professional life leaves you all time dug into work..work loads.. hectic , monotonous schedule of life makes it hell even a few peaple are facing depression problem as there is no way a specific time of their back to home. personal life , Family , Friends all are getting neglected but at the same time this is essential for surviving and earning n orser to meet all the heavy expenditures..right! well quite a few private big companies have started the trend of taking its emplyoees to fub pace once in every month for recreation. some go for an excertion trip or tour etc etc this provision is not possible in government sector but anyways its not that time sucking too! but at last..You can expect a company to provide such releifes instead the only moolmantra is " manage time and manage your life"

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