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    Provision for appointment letter and offer letter

    Please specify all the points in appointment letter and offer letter. Do all company bound to provide both the documents to the respective employee? What could be done if employer denies for any one of them?

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    Re: Provision for appointment letter and offer letter

    Both offer and appointment are legal documents, more so it is the appointment letter when it comes to settling the issues of the labor management relationship
    In offer letter, the joining date and place of posting with the salary break up will be provided based on which either you may or you may not join the company
    Appointment letter is little more comprehensive document which gives ou an overall picture of your empolyment with the company like notice period, retirement and other and other legal related matters.

    Attribution: http://www.citehr.com/253741-offer-l...#ixzz25IumeFNI

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    Re: Provision for appointment letter and offer letter


    The two documents are inter related...The company will not initiate an appointment letter unless you signed the offer....
    Employer and employee relationship is nothing but a contract that bound an employee with the employer....
    Like contract unless one party accepts other party's offer the contract can't be made...in that way an offer is first given to the employee from the employer to initiate the appointment letter...
    Once the offer letter is accepted...employeer are requested to join the company on a certain date...and after joining the company...employer issued the appointment letter after receiving all the documents.... hence the appointment letter is the main contract between an employer and an employee...
    An employee can reject the offer letter... but after accepting the appointment letter if some one rejects that the working will be done as per terms of contract i.e. as per appointment letter...

    Hope the same is clear..

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