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    Is Provident Fund included in CTC too?

    When they say the annual CTC package amount in company, does that include the provident fund payment too? or it is different? Can you please tell me how much % will be deducted for PF from the CTC? I just need the current accurate details for all this. Thanks.

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    Re: Is Provident Fund included in CTC too?

    IN the Private Companies CTC includes the provident fund deductions that are made each month
    In your Salary Structure there is one component that is called Basic salary.
    PF is deducted at the rate of 12% of the basic Salary.

    Say for example your Basic Salary is Rs 10000 per month, than PF will be deducted Rs 1200 per month
    Also Employer will contribute Rs 1200 each month in addition to your contribution

    In the total CTC package both employees contribution to PF and the Employer contribution to PF fund is added

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