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    Proper health facilities not available for the staff

    I am working in a chemical factory. As we are dealing with chemicals daily, we are highly prone to accidents. But our company hasnít provided us with proper health facilities and also there is no hospital in the immediate vicinity. What to do in such a situation?

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    Re: Proper health facilities not available for the staff

    Hi friend

    Your company should certainly take proper care of the health of its employees and their safety as well. Thus your company should make it a point to provide its employees with proper health facilities so that there is no trouble faced by the employees in this regard. Your company should definitely not compromise on the health facilities as that is a very irresponsible thing to do and also goes on to show that your company doesn't care much for its employees on personal and human grounds and is just interested in getting the work done from them.

    You and your colleagues should definitely raise your voice against this matter and make your management realise that what it is doing is not good for the employees as well as bad for its reputation. If your management realises this then there will be no problem for you as well as the other employees. You along with the other employees should go to the manager and speak to him personally. You should tell him that you all are highly prone to accidents as you are dealing with chemicals here and he also knoews that. But inspite of this there are no proper health facilities provided to the employees and also there is no hospital in the vicinity in case of an emergency. Thus the managemnt should take care of the needs of its emoplyees and should provide these facilities as soon as possible . Otherwise this will create a dissatisfaction among the employees and thus will destroy the reputation of the company. Also many employees will be forced to leave the job due to their safety being in danger and thus it will only lead to a loss for the company. You hope that the company understands your point and thus will take a decision in your favour soon.

    I am sure your manager will act fast in order to save the reputation of his company and thus will surely provide you with the necessary health facilities. Then you employees won't have to worry about your safety and thus all your problem will be solved.

    Fight for your rights. Good luck and Thanks

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