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    Promotion given to another person, while I was on maternity leave

    Currently, I am on maternity leave from a large company. My owner of the company request to work from my home. I am unsuitable for working from also. So, my boss is angry with me. My boss give promotion to another person as a team leader. I am well experience candidate in that company. Which, I was told may be coming up, but was never accepting applications and they have now allocated the jobs out. I have been discriminated against as I was on maternity leave.

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    Re: Promotion given to another person, while I was on maternity leave

    Madam, I have read your problem sincerely your views while you were under maternity leave then promotion issued to another person instead of you.Again you have expressed here your company owner requested you to work from your home, but that was not possible, at that moment they have allocated job to the other candidate.You feel you are the well experienced candidate to the company.

    Here are few points for you:-

    1.Company is not in a position to hold the promotion.

    2.If the company owner did not allocate promotion to the other person, who will perform the work?

    3.Company owner tried to give you the promotion accordingly he expressed you to work from home.

    4.But unfortunate that was not possible for you.

    5.Accordingly a progressive company can not wait when you will back from maternity leave then promotion and company will work as usual.

    6.I think you have the experience so that you will get promotion when you will join in the company. So, wait hopefully.

    Thank You,

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