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    Professional guidance for group discussion

    I have just completed my graduation in B.Tech civil. I am not at all good at group discussions and thus am practicing for the same now-a-days. But I really think I need some professional help in this matter. I live in Bandra, Mumbai. Can someone please guide me in the right direction.

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    Vinod Singh Bisht Array
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    Re: Professional guidance for group discussion

    Dear Friend,
    From my point of view there are only two reason.
    One is your knowledge about the GD Topic or over all knowledge
    Second is your command on language (English/Hindi or any other language)
    So first find out your weak areas then improve those areas. Search on Google you will find many solution there. All the Best. Surely you will excel.

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    DLavanya Array
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    Re: Professional guidance for group discussion

    For preparing group discussion you have to have some awareness about the most important general news topics like electricity,petrol price,globalization etc.Watch news channels for having idea about daily activities.For group discussion you keep these points in mind ,prepare repeated topics well.
    Be aware of communication skills .The group discussions are for exchanging ideas not for quarrel.your hand gestures are very important in gd and don't point out any body ,don't show anger.Maintain balance in your tone, face expressions are very important any where whether it would be gd r some presentation.Initiating and conclusions are very important, initiating a GD is an advantage. Closing it too also adds brownie points and make note on gd topic that they given,don't deviate from topic.you should also give others a chance to speak.
    good luck.

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    pushp Array
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    Re: Professional guidance for group discussion

    Hello there !!!

    group discussion is one of the important method to get into job from the college.
    and it seems that your group discussion is little weak.
    so, you are trying hard to improve it. it is good .

    so, when seeing from the professional point of view.
    you should be precise,upto the topic,and straight forward while in the group discussion.

    never try to favor any one and be in any ones against.
    try to put your own point not others.
    this will help you a lot.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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