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    Procedure for summer training in BHEL?

    i am nishant upadhyay student of B.TECH second year and iwant to do summer training from BHEL.
    please suggest mewhat procedure should be follow by me. About Summer Traning

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    Re: Procedure for summer training in BHEL?

    Summer Training is required to be done by every Engineering graduate. Its is usually to be done in the end of second year and of third year.Every college insists to take up a training in a company which is a core to your Engineering Branch.

    Eg:- Electrical Engineers have BHEL, CS Engineers have Infosys, TCS, etc, Electronics and Communication students can go in Airtel, Siemens, BSNL, etc...

    Thus if you wish to take up a 4 week Summer Training at B.H.E.L, then firstly make sure you have these ::
    1. You should be studying Engineering in some good recognized college or university in India.
    2. The college authorities would issue you a training letter on their letter head. This is very important as you have to submit it to the company where you would be applying for the training.
    3. College Identity Card and 2 passport sized photographs.

    The procedure for summer training is as follows:-
    1.They usually announce few dates regarding submitting your application in the month of april but still if you were not informed in any way about these dates don't lose heart, you can still visit personally the HR department at BHEL Haridwar and submit you application over there.
    2.They will notify you within a week whether your application is selected or not, infact if they have taken your application when you went there for submitting that means you are selected in itself , if they don't have enough seats they must not have taken your application.
    3.After you are notified with the training dates and the charges for training you are required to pay the amount through a DD and report on the date assigned to you for starting your training.

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    Re: Procedure for summer training in BHEL?

    I recommend you not to go for summer training at the end of 2nd year. You should go for summer training only at the end of 3rd year because 2 times summer training will not give you any major advantage and this 2 month you can utilise for strengthening your technical skills / subjects which are very very important for your future prospects.
    Regarding training,
    The best way is to contact someone working in BHEL for summer training, send him your nicely written resume and follow it up.
    Hope you know someone in BHEL.
    If you don't know anyone, you may try searching on BHEL community on Facebook, Orkut etc. and communicate properly to be able to convince.
    Also, you may consider contacting HR section but it's slightly difficult to get internship without any personal contact.

    I hope this information helps. All the best!!!

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