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    Procedure of leave for an employee after miscarriage of child?

    -I am a woman working in a software company. I want to know that can a lady employee of a company claim leave for a miscarriage that she has suffered. If yes, under what circumstances?

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    Re: Procedure of leave for an employee after miscarriage of child?

    Hello guest !!

    yes,any lady employee.working in any company or firm if suffered from miscarriage can definitely apply for the leave and can claim her leave.
    because this is a natural mishap,and no one is permitted to barredyour leave if you sufferedfrom such a big devastating problem.

    so,Give your MEDICAL REPORT.duly signned by the doctors and with ststed that you are currently not in position to tackle any mental and physical work.
    and if you do so,it will quite harmful for your future.

    so,by claiming this with above mentioned statement you can have the leave.
    hope you are the same guest who posted it one more time.

    we are really sorry,that till today you didn't get any leave.
    pushp ranjan singh

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