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    Principal ignoring the teacher's complaints against the students

    I am working as a teacher in a private school.Our principal does not care about the teacher's emotions at all and always ignores their complaints against the students. In this way the students take advantage of this and there is no respite for the teachers.How to deal with such a situation?

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    Re: Principal ignoring the teacher's complaints against the students

    This is a rare problem in the schools.Mostly it is found that the principals take the side of the teachers and the students fear from him/her.There may be various reasons for doing this kind of acts by your principal.

    -He/She must be children loving.
    -He/She do not want to punish and threaten the students.
    -He/She may not want any bad publicity of the school due to punishment and strict action taken.

    However,he/she must learn to be a bit strict and listen to the teachers in order to run the administration well and also to help in the improvement of the students.This is essential for the smooth functioning of the school as well as better growth of the students.

    -You all can approach the principal in this matter.
    -Tell him/her that his/her acts are making it difficult for the teachers to do their work properly.
    -Explain the problems you all are facing.
    -Try to make him/her understand the necessity to take some action when needed.
    -Explain the necessity of such action in making the students responsible citizen of India in future.
    -Request him/her to look into this matter.
    -Request him/her to take some action when required from now on.
    -Thank him/her for listening to you all.

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    Re: Principal ignoring the teacher's complaints against the students

    Hi aspirant

    Your Principal should be responsible enough to do his duties properly and should thus solve the problems of his teachers rather than creating problems for them. In this way he is not doing the right thing by ignoring his teacher's complaints and playing with their emotions. In this way all the teachers will be dissatisfied with him and will not work whole heartedly for him. Thus the reputation of the school will go down automatically.

    You along with the other teachers should go to him and tell him what you think about this behaviour of his. Tell him that whenever you complain to him regarding the students , he never listens to you and always ignores you all. In this way all the students are taking undue advantage of the teachers and making their life hell. He should be responsible enough to listen to the teacher's complaints and thus solve them. Otherwise the teachers will go on strike and this will not be good for the reputation of the school. you have had enough of his ignoring the teachers.

    I am sure your Principal will be ashamed of his behaviour and will hoipefully solve all your grievances. Good luck and Thanks

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