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    Principal asks me to stay back after the working hours of school and then ask me to go back home by arranging my own conveyance

    I have been working as a computer teacher with a private school. My Principal has started asking me to stay back after school hours under one pretext or the other. After my work is over she asks me to go back home not via the school bus but by paying for the conveyance myself. I get a very basic salary and I want to refrain from doing this.Please suggest what can be done by me.

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    Re: Principal asks me to stay back after the working hours of school and then ask me to go back home by arranging my own conveyance

    If you face this type of problem from past many days, then just follow below simple step:
    Please directly talk to your principal that you need bus/other facility if you stay after your working hours. Because it may be possible that due to some work, you need to stay in future also, so better solution is to discuss this matter with your principal.
    And i am pretty sure that you will get some bus facility or they can also give you money as per your route.

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    Re: Principal asks me to stay back after the working hours of school and then ask me to go back home by arranging my own conveyance

    Hello Friend,

    You did not mention whether you are a permanant employee of that private school or a contractual employee so it is difficult for me to give you precise advice. But still your principal has no right to ask you stay back at school and then go home using your own conveyance. She is holding the post of principal so it is her duty to look after every teacher's problem in a compassionate manner. You should write a letter to the managning committee of your school and ask them whether you are not eligible for transport facility like your other colleagues or not. Until and unless you know that you should not say anything to the principal. This is very unfortunate from the principal's side to behave in such a manner.


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    Re: Principal asks me to stay back after the working hours of school and then ask me to go back home by arranging my own conveyance

    Only good relations and your behavior can save you in this situation because whatever is being done with you by the principal of your school then you can expect something from them because if they are asking you to stay for long time in the school then surely you have some more duties and responsibilities in school that you have to complete on time and that is why your principal ask you to stay even after completing the class and if you get any work then you should know that they have given you some duties that you have to complete after the classes and you have to do that because you are responsible to work there otherwise they can find another candidate for the same post so think about it first and you should not hesitate in completing the work

    Entire staff leaves after completing classes and other work and time is for about 5 PM in the evening and if you alone stay there then you will be the only who have to go back to home so your principal can not afford it that you alone will go in the bus of the school because if we talk about the entire staff then your principal does that but she really can't afford that the bus leaves only you everyday at your home

    You are getting less salary structure which is not sufficient for you then you should try to convey about it from your principal and if you have recently joined then do not try to take this matter but at least you should raise your voice at this time because all teachers are not present after classes so that would be the right time to discuss from your principal about your salary or fare of the bus to go back to the home because how long this will be continue and if you are getting less then what would you save for personal expenses and about 20% part of your salary will be wasted in fare that you will pay everyday so you just have to talk about to your principal

    When you get the salary of the particular month then only raise this issue when no body is present in school except your principal then go there and talk to them that respected ma'am you gave me a job that is enough and very good for me but currently I am finding myself in trouble because I pay more than 20% part of the salary as the fare of the bus to go back home and this is not good going with me so please let me go with the bus of the school otherwise I would have to find out another job because this is not affordable for me or increase my salary then I would manage this travel everyday so may be that principal understand you and she may be angry too but do not say anything and just accept and if she say that no increment will be given in salary and complete your travel on own expenses then better way to get rid of this problem is that you find out another job in any other school because you have experience of teaching then you will get the job easily where payments are higher than that of present

    All the best

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    Re: Principal asks me to stay back after the working hours of school and then ask me to go back home by arranging my own conveyance

    Dear Friend,

    It is unfortunate that your principal is not understanding your problems and asking you to stay back after the school hours. No employee or teacher should be asked to stay back after working hour unless there is some kind of emergency or there is urgent need to meet any target. If she asks you to stay back after working hours, which itself is wrong then she must give you the conveyance.

    There is this tendency in many people that they tell certain employee to do too much of work because that employee is more efficient and never says no to the boss.

    I understand how difficult it will be for you to stay back and then manage conveyance with your limited salary.

    You should clearly but politely explain the problem you are facing to your principal. I hope she understands your concern and prohibit herself from repeating the same. But, if she still does not change her attitude then you should surely say NO to her.

    All the best.
    Thank you.

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